F.W. Conradi & H.W. Tagrey: Some More Exquisite Conjuring & Soap Bubbles
Conradi, F.W. & Tagrey H.W.: Some More Exquisite Conjuring & Soap-Bubbles
©1928 Horster'scher Verlag, Germany
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 55 pages
F.W Conradi: Some More Exquisite Conjuring
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Comments: Translation & Patter by E. Harkewitz. Magic Library Vol II.

Contents (from book):

3 Foreword
5 My Uncle Noah's Umbrella: a version of the mutilated parasol
8 The Phantom Illusion: levitation of assistant from board over chairs
10 The Magic Cubes: routine with two sets of numbered blocks, where the numbers change, etc.
17 Conradi's Great Skull-Illusion: a skull vanishes from a stage platform and appears in a glass casket, then vanishes again and reappears elsewhere
19 The Flowers of Magic: various apparatus for the production of flowers, with full presentation and patter
28 Conradi's Handkerchief Illusion: a handkerchief is shot from a gun to appear between two others
30 Hostile Brothers or Fire & Water: a full routine for stage
30 - I. Two Giant Fire Bowls
30 - II. The Giant Fire-Bowls Appearing in Peformer's Hands
31 - III. Three Double-Lids, Fitting the 3 Giant Fire Bowls
31 - IV. Conradi's Appearing and Disappearing Goldfish-Bowl
32 The Swan-Ornament: an ornament on a table is covered with a handkerchief, lifted, and a bowl of sweets produced
34 Dreamland - Confetti Flowers: confetti flowers expand in a cone
35 The Mysterious Label-Effect: close up effect, performer can determine which color label he is handed without seeing it
36 Peng-Peng! - A Card-Trick: A four Ace trick

39 Supplement - Soap-Bubbles (H.W. Tagrey)

41 Foreword
43 Recipe For Making The Mixture: for making bubbles that don't burst easily
44 Some Working-Instructions: tips
45 Hand-Balance
45 Head-Balance
46 The Acme of Resistancy: two bubbles pressed against each other
46 A Tennis-Party: on stage
47 Smoke-filled Bubbles
47 The Final-Effect: flash with a candle

49 Magic And Soap-Bubbles
49 Change of a Soap-Bubble into a Dove: using a hat flap hat
49 The Change into Primitive Matter: as the bubble passes through a tube
50 The Spiral-Trick: bubbles pass down spriral into paper cone, where they turn into flowers

53 Table of Contents
53 Extra Special Supplement - The Bunny-Funny Trick
55 The Funny Bunny Trick: A cartoon by Lovag Kassay with poem by Eugen Harkewitz