Pay Conway & Walt Lees: The Pat Way to Con
Conway, Pat & Walt Lees (editor): The Pat Way to Con
©1987 Magico Magazine
Hardcover, no dj, 6x9", 157 pages
Pat Conway & Walt Lees: The Pat Way to Con
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Comments: Illustrated by Barbara Ebnoether

Contents (from book ToC):

11 Introduction
13 Matchbox Turnover
19 The Immatcherial Cigarette Box
25 Wife Swapping
28 The Conway Cigarette Case
31 The Card and Cigarette Case
35 Joker Spots
41 Chameleon Cards
48 The Colour Change Pack
53 The Colour Change Pack - second version
55 Auto Spell
58 The Note In Cigar
63 A Routine For The 27p Trick
68 Double Change
70 Tiefusion
76 The Appearing Knots
83 The Conway Rope De Luxe
93 Loopy
100 At The Drop Of A Knot
104 DIY Sliding Knot
109 Instant Silk On Rope
114 The Invisible Sliding Knot ¦ ¦
116 Rope Interlude
119 Color Change Record Subtlety
121 Pipe Dream
128 Oranges And Lemons
133 The Conway Thread Carrier
137 Magic With The Conway Thread Carrier
a) The Coin in Beer Class
b) The Rising Pencil
c) The Matchbox
141 Traps And Teasers
144Four To the Bar
a) Coin and Tin Penetration
b) Catch One
c) The Vanishing Matchbox
d) The Tie Matchbox Vanish
149 Tie And Die
152 Invisible Thread
154 The Yuk In Wallet
157 Final Word