Coppa, Haas, Peckl (editors): Performing Magic on the Wester Stage
Coppa, Francesca, Lawrence Haas, James Peck (editor): Performing Magic on the Western Stage
©2008 Francesca Coppa, Lawrence Hass, James Peck; Palgrave Macmillan, NY
Softcover, 240 pages
ISBN: 9780230607880
Coppa, Haas, Packle: Performing Magic on the Western
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Comments: "From the Eighteenth Century to the Present. Part of the Palgrave Studies in Theatre and Performance History book series. Foreword ©2008 Eugene Burger.

Contents (Chapters, from book ToC):

vii List of Illustrations
ix Foreword (Eugene Burger)
xiii Acknowledgments

1 Introduction (Francesca Coppa, Lawrence Hass, and James Peck1)
13 1. Life Magic and Staged Magic: A Hidden Intertwining (Lawrence Hass)
33 2. The Family Romance of Modern Magic: Contesting Robert-Houdin’s Cultural Legacy in Contemporary France (Graham M. Jones)
61 3. Magicians and the Magic of Hollywood Cinema during the 1920s (Matthew Solomon)
85 4. The Body Immaterial: Magicians’ Assistants and the Performance of Labor (Francesca Coppa)
107 5. Conjuring Capital: Magic and Finance from Eighteenth-Century London to the New Las Vegas (James Peck)
131 6. The Sacred and the Sleight of Hand in American Indian Gaming (Mary Lawlor)
151 7. Outdoing Ching Ling Foo (Christopher Stahl)
177 8. Intersecting Illusions: Performing Magic, Disability, and Gender (Karen Dearborn)
197 9. Through a Glass Darkly: Magic and Religion in Western Thought and Practice (Susan L. Schwartz)
217 10. Illusions about Illusions (Robert E. Neale)
231 Index