David Copperfield, Richard Wiseman & David Britland: David Copperfield's History of Magic
Copperfield, David, Richard Wiseman, David Britland: David Copperfield's History of Magic
©2021 David Copperfield's Disappearing, Inc., Simon & Schuster, NY
Hardcover, w/dj, 255 pages
ISBN 9781982112912
David Copperfield: History of Magic
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Najee Williams/Hocus Pocus Focus

Comments: Entry courtesy Najee Williams. Photographs by Homer Liwag.

Contents (Chapters, from book ToC):

1 Introduction
9 Chapter 1 Secrets of the Conjurors Revealed: Reginald Scot's the Discoverie of Witchcraft
15 Chapter 2 The Pastry Chef: Robert-Houdin's Magical Automata
27 Chapter 3 Prestidigitation and the Presidency: Wyman the Wizard's Cap and Pence
35 Chapter 4 Will, the Witch, and the Watchman: John Nevil Maskelyne's Trunk
43 Chapter 5 The Man Who Knows: Alexander's Turban
51 Chapter 6 "P" Is for Private: Professor Hoffmann's Notebook
59 Chapter 7 This Is My Wife: Buatier De Kolta's Expanding Die
65 Chapter 8 We're Off To See the Wizard: Harry Kellar's Next of Boxes
73 Chapter 9 The Queen of Magic: Adelaide Herrmann's Dress
81 Chapter l0 The Palace of Magic: Martinka's Theatre
89 Chapter 11 Author Unknown The Expert At The Card Table
97 Chapter 12 Notes on Steam Engines, Pumps, Boilers Hydraulic, and Other Machinery: Max Malini's Peculiar Paraphernalia
105 Chapter 13 Condemned to Death by the Boxers: Chung Ling Soo’s Gun
113 Chapter 14 Escaping Mortality: The Houdini Collection
123 Chapter 15 The Magician Who Made Himself Disappear: Howard Thurston’s Disembodied Princess
131 Chapter 16 Lighter Than Air: Okito’s Floating Ball
137 Chapter 17 Divided: Dante’s Sawing Illusion
145 Chapter 18 Free Rabbits: The Harry Blackstone Collection
153 Chapter 19 The Suave Deceiver: Cardini’s Tuxedo, Monocle, And Playing Cards
161 Chapter 20 The Human Index: Arthur Lloyd’s Gown, Mortarboard, And Cards
167 Chapter 21 If They Don’t Know You, They Can’t Book You: Dell O’Dell’s Guillotine
175 Chapter 22 In Pursuit Of Perfection: Channing Pollock’s Vanishing Bird Cage
183 Chapter 23 Blood On The Curtain: Richiardi’s Buzz Saw
191 Chapter 24 The Man Who Fooled Houdini: Dai Vernon’S Dead List
199 Chapter 25 The Mystery Box: Tannen’s Magic Store
207 Chapter 26 The Magic In Your Mind: Al Koran's Medallion
215 Chapter 27 The Magician Who Believed In Real Magic: Doug Henning’s Costume And Metamorphosis Trunk
223 Chapter 28 On The Shoulders Of Giants: David Copperfield's Death Saw

237 Sources And Further Heading
249 Acknowledgments
250 Image Credits
251 Index