David Copperfield & Janet Berliner: Tales of the Impossible
Copperfield, David & Janet Berliner: David Copperfield's Tales of the Impossible
©1995 David Copperfield's Disappearing Inc., Janet Berliner Gluckman, and Martin H. Greenberg; HarperPrism, NY
Hardcover, w/dj,
David Copperfield: Tales of the Impossible
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Comments: Actually a book of fiction stories, but produced by David Copperfied, so here it is!

Contents (from book):

vii Acknowledgement
ix Preface (Dean Koontz)
xiii Introduction (David Copperfield)

1 Snow (David Copperfield)
9 Quicker Than They Eye (Ray Bradbury)
21 The Conversion of Tegujai Batir
43 Diamonds Aren't Forever (S.P. Somtow)
67 Just Like Normal People (Kevin J. Anderson)
83 The Singing Tree (Eric Lustbader)
127 The Hand-Puppet (Joyce Carol Oates)
143 ROVPE (F. Paul Wilson)
167 Switch (Lucy Taylor)
185 The Eighth of December (Dave Smeds)
207 Expert Advice (Larry Bond)
237 Geroldo's Incredible Trick (Raymond E. Feist)
249 Dealing With the Devil (Robert Weinberg)
267 Every Mystery Explained (Lia Mason)
305 Just a Little Bug (P.C. Cacek)
317 In the Teeth of Glory (Dave Wolverton)
347 The Last Vanish (Matthew Costello)
363 Indigo Moon (Janet Berliner)
377 Author Biographies