Corinda: Pencil, Lip, Sound, Touch and Muscle Reading
Step Two of Thirteen Steps to Mentalism
©1958 Corinda's Magic Studio, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 26 pages
Pencil Lip Sound
              Touch and Muscle Reading
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Corinda: Step Two Pencil Lip Sound Touch and Muscle Readings

Comments: The other steps are: 1 Nail Writer Swami Gimmick; 3 Mnemonics and Mental Systems; 4 Predictions; 5 Blindfolds & X-Ray Eyes; 6 Billets; 7 Book Tests and Supplement; 8 Two Person Telepathy; 9 Mediumistic Stunts; 10 Card Tricks; 11 Question and Answer Readings; 12 Publicity Stunts; 13 Patter and Presentation


28 Part One - Pencil Reading
29 Technique of Pencil Reading
29 When To Do It
29 Favorable Conditions
29 Unfavorable Conditions
30 The Pencil Used for Writing
31 The Card Used When Writing Is Done
31 The Distance Between You and the Spectator
31 Safety Checks to Eliminate Errors
32 Pencil Reading of Numbers
32 Pencil Reading Words
33 Pencil Reading by Position
33 Summary
33 Tricks Accomplished By the Art of Pencil Reading
33 Get-Outs Gallore
34 Strange Coincidence
34 The Total Result
34 The Debt Repaid
34 The Swami and the Pencil

35 Part Two - Lip Reading
35 Tricks Accomplished by the Art of Lip Reading
35 Any Card Called For
36 Reconstructed Evidence
37 The Whispering Buddha

38 Part Three Sound Reading
38 Written Information Discovered by Sound Reading
39 The Designs to Use
39 The Numbers to Use
39 Sound Reading Applied to Action Not Writing
41 Tricks Accomplished by the Art of Sound Reading
41 Tapping Card Location
41 Paranormal Precognition
42 A Pocket Trick
42 Clean Cut Card Trick

42 Part Four Touch Reading
43 Tricks Accomplished by the Art of Touch Reading
43 Sujan Location
43 With a Pinch of Salt
43 Impromptu Just Chance (Corinda)
45 Marked Playing Cards
45 Psychic Sorting
47 Colour Conscious
48 Another Version of the Princes Card Trick
49 Another Application of the Touch Reading Envelope

50 Part Five Muscle Reading
52 Advanced Forms of Contact Mind Reading
52 The Copper Wire Contact
52 Action With the Chosen Object Following Location
53 When to Use Contact Mind Reading
53 The Blindfold
53 Hellstomism
54 The Blackboard Test
54 Conclusion