Corinda: Card Tricks
Step Ten in Thirteen Steps to Mentalism
©1959 Corinda's Magic Studio, London, W.I.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 25 pages
Corinda Step 10
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Corinda: Step Ten Card Tricks

Comments: The full 13 Steps include: 1 Nail Writer Swami Gimmick; 2 Pencil, Lip, Sound, Touch and Muscle Reading; 3 Mnemonics and Mental Systems; 4 Predictions; 5 Blindfolds & X-Ray Eyes; 6 Billets; 7 Book Tests and Supplement; 8 Two Person Telepathy; 9 Mediumistic Stunts; 10 Card Tricks; 11 Question and Answer Readings; 12 Publicity Stunts; 13 Patter and Presentation


307 Introduction to Mentalism With Cards
308 Photo-Memory (Hans Trixer)
309 Corinda's Incredible Slate Test
312 The Million Dollar Test (J.G. Reed)
312 Birthday Card Trick (Jack Avis)
313 ESP Test (J.G. Reed)
314 The Trio (Sidney Lawrence)
314 - Two Minds, A Single Thought
314 - Before Your Very Eyes
315 - Gamma Location
316 Beyond the Veil (Patrick Page)
317 Card Exchange (Terry Guyatt)
318 Blind Coincidence (Michael Mence)
318 Mental Card Trick (Terry Guyatt)
319 Two of a Kind (Terry Guyatt)
320 Birds of a Feather (Corinda)
323 Teleprognos (Corvelo, Holland)
326 The Red Card Prediction
327 Across the Void (Paul Marcus, New Zealand)
329 Back to Back
330 Dr. Thornton's Coincimental (by permission of Ed Mellon)
332 Reference to Card Tricks and Technique n Other Steps