Cornelius, John: Magic of John Cornelius Lecture Notes No. 1
1975 (circa)  John Cornelius
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 12 pages
Magic of John
              Cornelius No. 1
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Comments: A collection of hints, tips and tricks. Some of the ideas are mere outlines, others are more fully explained. Photo illustrated, but the photos are small and not too clear.
From the description in a few e-Bay sales, there appears to also be an 8.5x11" version of these notes, with slightly different contents. The larger notes add two effects: "My Ladies Ring" and "The Ten Principle", which do not appear in the smaller 5.5x8.5 edition. However, the larger edition appears to be missing "The Sliding Knot" and "Alternate Effect", assuming the descriptions were accurate.


1 A Very Ambitious Card: Idea starting with a stacked deck. You need to know your own ambitious routine though.
1 Gimmick the Gimmicks: idea for use of gimmicks
1 On the Zarrow Shuffle: and its use in the No Push-Through Triumph
1 Fake Tilt: magician fooler idea
1 I Just Happen to Have: What to carry
2 Color-Changing Wand: like the color changing knife
2 Pupilmetrics: using body reactions to determine card selection
2 Wax Lax: idea to always be prepared
2 Why Not: ideas for flesh-colored paint, roughing fluid, and fanning powder
3 Silly Putty: great ideas for using this as a tool
3 One Way Out of This World: Method using one-way deck
3 Brassy Rope Production: removing long rope from short tube
3 Blank Cards: How to make your own
4 Stabba-Dabba-Do: card stabbed into deck finds selection (full routine)
5 Flicker: card changes into selected while spinning off the deck (clever move)
6 The Sliding Knot: Two ropes tied, knot is slide from one end to the other, and ropes are untied (full routine)
8 The Cornelius Fan Steal: fast and smooth card steal (detailed)
9 The 21 or So Card Trick: clever location starting with stacked deck
9 A Cutting Card Location: a simple location
9 Tricky Business Cards: idea for cards with raised lettering
9 Delicious Vanishing Cigarette: a simple cigarette vanish
9 An Inside Out: showing an empty pocket that isn't
10 Flash Appearance of a Cigarette: from cigarette paper to cigarette
11 Copper to Silver Miser's Dream: Four copper coins produced and change to silver
12 The Pendulum Principle: vanish a small object (while wearing a jacket)
12 Alternate Effect: vanishing dice