Costello, Matthew J.: Magic Everywhere
How to Perform Magic Using Everyday Household Objects
1999 Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 0609803573; ISBN-13: 978-0609803578
Softcover, perfectbound, 5.5x8", 144 pages

Comment (Jason Y-H): Publisher's descriptions: "The easy, but amazing, feats of legerdemain in this fun-filled book include 75 tricks that parents and kids can do together using common household items. 20 line drawings."

Contents: Chapters only, numbers are not page numbers

1 The Really Incredible Card Tricks
2 The Great Houdini
3 Bending Spoons, Exploding Soda Cans, and Magic Crayons
4 The Incredible Johnny Eck
5 Mind Reading, Amazing Predictions, and Supernatural Forces\
6 James Randi's Paranormal Challenge
7 Coin Tricks
8 The Best Number Tricks Ever
9 David Copperfield
10 Vanishings!
11 Taking Magic Further
12 Index
13 About the Author