Craggs, Douglas: Masterpieces of Magic Vol 1
©1946 Douglas Craggs, Arcas Pub.
Hardcover, 82 pages
Masterpieces of
              Magic Vol 1
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5 Editor's Foreword
7 The Three Billet Test (E.G. Brown)
13 Modern Money Magic (Wilfrid Jonson)
17 A Card Routine (H. Park Shackleton
24 Liquid Light (Peter Waring)
27 A Slate Routine (Trevor H. Hall)
33 The Image in the Crystal (Peter Warlock)
37 Liquorice Allsorts (John T. Brearley)
42 The Milk Trick (Louis S. Histed)
53 The Chinese Pagoda (Louis S. Histed)
55 Eve - An Illusion (The Great Lyle)
59 The Writing Tablet (Chaude Chandler)

65 Pages From the Notebook of Graham Adams
65 Reflections on Nate Leipsig and the Twenty Card Trick
70 Two Palms for Manipulators
71 The Charlier Pass and How I Use It
74 The Cap and Pence