Clarke Crandall: Bartender Dice Routine
Crandall, Clarke (Senator): Bartender Dice Routine
©1959 E.O.D. & Co.
Softcover, stapled manuscript, folded 8.5x11", 4 pages
Clarke Crandall: Bartender Dice Routine
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Comments: Illustrated with line drawings. Routine that came with dice and a leather Dice Cup. "Dice Stacking De Luxe. Digital dexterity with a set of dice and a Leather Bar Cup. Complete illustrated routine by one of America's foremost close-up entertainers."

Contents (from book):

1 The Effect: Dice stacking and some short history
1 The Cup: custom built
1 The Dice: 5 standard club dice, on small die, and one large die
1 The Routine
2 Method
3 Actual Procedure