Crandall, Clarke (The Senator): The Senator Returns
©1959 Clarke Crandall, Magical Enterprises, Inc., IL
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 15 pages
The Senator Returns
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Clarke "The Senator" Crandall: The Senator Returns


Contents (From book, updated Jan 2019):

1 Dear Friend, Whoever You Are: introduction
2 Dear Honored Customer: about the IMP TA LUM certificate
3 Twenty One Card Trick: spelling theme using a short card
5 Too Many Sevens: four sevens shown dispersed in deck, yet are spelled to, and more
8 Lecture on Perseverance: comedy monologue
10 Post Card (George Fuermann): humorous article about the Senator
11 The Eye Test: more comedy and a special photo of the Senator
13 IMP Ta LUM Certificate: to give to unalble assistants