W.H. Cremer: The Secret Out or 1000 Tricks With Cards
Cremer, W.H.: The Secret Out or 1000 Tricks With Cards
©1859 Dick & Fitzgerald, Pub, NY
Hardcover, no dj, 398 pages plus ads

Also published by John Grant
©1875 Chatto and Windus, Piccadilly, London
Cremer: The Secret Out or 1000 Tricks With Cards
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts

Comments: "Illustrated With Over Three Hundred Engravings. And Containing Clear And Comprehensive Explanations How To Perform With Ease, All The Curious Card Deceptions, And Sleight Of Hand Tricks Extant. With An Endless Variety Of Entertaining Experiments In Drawing-Room Or White Magic, Including The Celebrated Science Of Second Sight. Together With A Choice Collection Of Intricate And Puzzling Questions, Amusements In Chance, Natural Magic, Etc., Etc., Etc.

Contents (from ebook):

5 Preface
15 General Rules For Amateurs

16 Part I - Tricks With Cards Performed by Skillful Manipulation, or Sleight of Hand

17 On The Origin Of Cards
19 To Make The Pass With Both Hands
22 To Make The Pass With One Hand
24 The False Double Shuffle Or Four Methods Of Shuffling Cards In Such A Manner As Always To Keep One Certain Card At The Top Or Bottom Of The Pack
27 To Exchange A Card
28 To Slip A Card
29 To Carry Off A Card
30 To Place A Card
31 How To Force A Card
32 Explanation Of The Long Card
33 Four Good Methods Of Ending A Card Trick
33 - The Surprise
33 - The Revolution Or Turn Up
34 - The Nailed Card
34 - The Amazement
35 To Tell Beforehand The Card Which Any One May Choose
36 When A Card Has Been Drawn At Hazard And Mixed In With The Others By One Of The Spectators To Cause It To Be Found On The Top Or In The Middle Of The Pack As May Be Desired By The Audience
38 To Have A Card Drawn At Hazard And Having Divided The Pack Into Four Parts To Have It Discovered In That One Which The Audience Shall Freely Elect
39 To Foresee A Person’s Thoughts
41 To Have A Card Drawn Shuffle It With The Others And After Having Shown That It Is Neither At The Top Nor The Bottom Make It Remain Alone In The Left Hand All The Others Being Precipitated On The Table By A Blow From The Right Hand
43 To Make The Four Kings Appear In The Middle Of The Pack Although They Have Been Placed In Different Parts
45 To Prove The Imprudence Of Playing At Triumph With Persons Of Questionable Character
45 To Guess A Card Thought Of
48 The Shifting Card
48 To Find In A Pack Put Into The Pocket Several Cards Which Have Been Freely Selected By The Audience
49 The Magical Slip
50 To Knock A Card Through A Table
52 To Make A Card Disappear In An Instant
54 The Card Under A Handkerchief Discovered By The Sense Of Touch Another Method
55 The Four Transformed Kings
56 The Erratic Card
57 The Four Confederate Cards
57 The Magical Trio
58 To Transform A Card Which Has Been Seen Into A Different One
59 Another Method To Name What Card A Person Has Drawn From A Pack
59 To Find In The Pack And Through A Handkerchief Whatever Card A Person Has Drawn

60 Part II Tricks Performed by the Aid of Memory, Mental Calculation, and the Peculiar Arrangement of the Cards

60 To Guess A Card Thought Of By Anyone And To Name Its Position In The Pack In Advance
61 To Guess The Spots On Cards At The Bottom Of Three Packets Which Have Been Made By The Drawer
62 To Tell The Amount Of The Numbers Of Any Two Cards Drawn From A Common Pack
63 To Tell The Amount Of The Numbers Of Any Three Cards That A Person Shall Draw From The Pack
64 The Charmed Twelve
65 The Shuffled Seven
65 The Trick Of Thirty-One
66 Like With Like Or How To Keep A Hotel
67 The Queens Digging For Diamonds
68 The Burglars
69 To Place Four Knaves Cards One Upon Another So That The Upper Half Of Each Card Only Is Visible
69 To Name The Thirty-Two Cards Of The Pack As Used In The Game Of Eucre
71 To Name All The Fifty-Two Cards Of A Pack
73 To Make A Person Believe You Can Distinguish The Cards By Their Smell
73 A Pack Of Cards Being Divided Into Two Parts To Discover Whether The Number In Each Be Odd Or Even
74 To Tell The Number Of Spots On Several Cards Which Any Person Has Chosen
74 To Name The Card Which Lies In Front Of A Card Just Drawn
74 The Best Card Trick Known To Tell The Whole Pack Of Cards With The Backs Towards You Also To Sort Them After Being Cut Any Number Of Times In The Mere Act Of Dealing Them Out In A Bow
76 To Name The Cards By Their Weight
78 The Dishonest Servant
80 To Guess The Card Thought Of
81 To Tell The Card Thought Of In A Circle Of Ten
82 To Guess Which Of Twenty-Four Cards Have Been Noted
83 Who Has The Best Husband?
85 The Card Told By The Opera Glass
87 The Circle Of Fourteen Cards
87 To Reveal A Person’S Thoughts
90 To Guess The Cards Which Four Persons Have Fixed Their Thoughts Upon
90 To Place Twelve Cards In Such A Manner That You Can Count Four In Every Direction
90 How To Arrange The Twelve Picture Cards And The Four Aces Of A Pack In Four Rows So That There Will Be In Neither Bow Two Cards Of The Same Value Nor Two Of The Same Suit Whether Counted Horizontally Or Perpendicularly
92 The Poetical Confederates
94 The Mystic Courts Of Zoroaster
95 The Chosen One Of Forty-Eight Discovered

97 Part III Tricks With Cards Performed by the Aid of Confederacy and Sheer Audacity

97 To Call For Any Card In The Pack
97 To Make Another Person Draw The Cards You Call For
98 To Name The Cards Of A Pack Concealed Under A Handkerchief
100 To Call The Cards Out Of The Pack
100 A New Method To Name All The Cards In Succession Without Seeing Them
101 To Discern One Or More Drawn Cards
101 The Knaves And Constable
102 To Show A Card Now On The Top And Now At The Bottom Of The Pack
192 To Bring A Card Which Has Been Thrown Out Of The Window Into The Pack Again The Same Trick In Another Manner
102 The Same Trick In A Still More Surprising Manner
103 The Double Confederates
104 The Card In The Pocket-Book
104 Of Twenty-Five Cards Laid In Five Rows Upon A Table To Name The One Touched
104 To Conjure A Certain Card Into Your Pocket
105 Of Two Bows Of Cards To Tell The One Which Has Been Touched
105 To Produce A Required Card From Your Pocket
106 A New Method To Tell A Card By Its Weight
106 To Tell Through A Wine-Glass What Cards Have Been Turned
106 The Window Trick
107 The Card Of One Color Found In A Pack Of The Other
107 To Name Several Cards Which Have Been Drawn Out Of A Pack Which Has Been Divided Into Two Heaps
107 To Find A Certain Card After It Has Been Shuffled In The Pack
108 On Entering A Boom To Know Of Three Cards Placed Side By Side Which Have Been Reversed That Is To Say Turned Upside Down
108 The Four Kings

109 Part IV Tricks performed by the aid of Ingenious Apparatus, and Prepared Cards

109 To Make The King Of Hearts Change Into An Ace Of Clubs And Vice Versa
110 The Changing Card
111 To Make Several People Draw Cards Which They Will Themselves Replace In The Pack And To Find Them Again
111 To Separate The Red From The Black Cards Of A Pack By A Single Draw
112 After Having Divided A Pack Into Three Parts To Find A Card Which Has Been Drawn In Any One Of The Three You Choose
113 The Card Thought Of With Its Number In The Pack
113 The Card In The King
114 To Make Several Cards Which Have Been Drawn From A Pack Reappear In A Spyglass Or Telescope
114 To Discover At The Sword’S Point And With Eyes Bandaged A Card Which Has Been Drawn From A Pack
115 The Vital Cards
119 Manner Of Changing The Card In A Person’S Hand While Recommending Him To Cover It Closely
120 Mode Of Preparing Pitch-Powder Forthe Foregoing Trick
120 The Card Changing In The Hand
121 To Cause A Card Which Has Been Burnt To Appear In A Watch
122 The Fifteen Thousand Livres
123 Manner Of Making A Card Pass From One Hand To Another
124 To Make A Mouse Or Any Similar Thing Come Out Of A Pack Of Cards
125 The Torn Card Restored
123 The Burnt Card Restored
129 To Change Five Kings Into Five Queens
130 A Trick With An Incombustible Card
131 To Let A Person Draw A Card Which He Cannot Name
131 A Card Changed Under A Hat
131 A New And Capital Method To Find Out A Certain Card By Means Of A Die
132 The Marching Card
132 The Same Trick In A Neater Manner
133 To Guess Several Drawn Cards
133 Hold It Fast
134 To Prevent Any One From Drawing A Card Which You Hold Up Plainly Before Him
135 The Card Changed By Word Of Command
135 The Whimsical Cards
137 To Throw A Pack Of Cards Upon The Floor In Such A Way That They Will Keep Together Until They Reach The Floor
137 To Guess Four Drawn Cards From A Mirror
138 To Let A Person Draw Out Of One Pack The Same Card Which Has Been Drawn By Another Person Out Of Another Pack
138 To Find A Certain Card By Merely Cutting The Pack
139 How To Guess A Card And Then To Produce It From Your Pocket
140 To Show In Your Hand A Card That You Have Just Thrown Out Of The Window
140 To Pick Out A Card Blindfold And In A Particular Order
141 The Card In The Egg
141 A Chapter Explaining Marked Cards

146 Part V Tricks of Legerdemain, Conjuring, Sleight of Hand, and other Fancies, commonly called White Magic

146 Preliminary Observations And Explanations
147 Cup And Ball Tricks
148 The Mode Of Conjuring The Ball
151 Tricks With One Ball
151 To Put A Ball Under Each Cup And Withdraw It
153 To Make A Ball Pass Into Each Of The Cups And Withdraw It Again
154 To Conjure A Ball Through Two Or Three Cups
154 To Make The Same Ball Pass From Cup To Cup
155 The Cups Being Covered To Make The Ball Pass From One To The Other Without Raising Them
156 To Make A Ball Pass Through The Table And Two Cups
156 To Take A Ball From One Cup And Make It Pass Between Two Others
157 Trick With A Ball And Dime
157 To Make Two Balls Placed Under Two Cups Pass Under A Third
158 Two Balls Having Been Placed Under One Cup To Make Them Pass Under The Other Two
159 To Make Three Balls Pass Under Onecup
159 To Make Two Balls Pass From One Cup To Another Without Touching Either Of Them
160 To Make Three Balls Pass Under One Cup From Underneath The Two Others
161 The Conjuror's Multiplication Of Balls
162 To Make A Ball Pass Under Each Cup
162 To Draw Two Balls Out Of The Same Cup
163 To Make The Same Ball Pass Successively Through The Three Cups
164 To Make The Balls Placed Under Two Cups Pass Under The Third Without Raising The Former
164 To Make The Three Balls Pass Consecutively Through Each Cup
165 The Balls Having Been Replaced In The Conjuror’S Bag To Make Them Return Under The Cups
165 To Make The Balls Pass Through Two Cups
166 To Draw Out Three Balls Through Two Cups
166 To Make Three Balls Pass At One Stroke Through A Cup
167 To Make Three Balls Pass From One Cup To Another
168 To Make The Balls Change Color
168 To Make The Balls Change Sizes
169 To Make The Balls Pass From One Cup To Another
170 To Pretend To Pull A Little Ball Out Of The End Of A Wand
172 To Make A Ball Vanish
173 To Find A Ball Under A Cup Which Was Before Empty
174 To Make The Audience Think There Is Nothing Under One Of The Cups Although There Are In Fact Several Balls Under It
175 To Make Two Cups Pass The One Into The Other
176 To Make The Balls Which Were Under A Cup Disappear Without Touching Them
177 To Find A Large Ball Or An Orange Under A Cup
178 To Make Believe That There Is Nothing Under The Cups Although There Is A Large Ball Under Each
179 To Metamorphose Large Balls Into Sponges Wigs And Night Caps
179 How To Palm Coin
180 The Magic Coin
181 To Untie A Double Knot Without Touching It
182 Knocking The Head Against A Door
183 To Bring Two Separate Coins Under One Hand
184 The Dancing Quarter Or A Ballet In A Wine-Glass
185 The Invisible Coin
186 The Magic Handkerchief
189 How To Make A Coin Stick Against The Wall
189 The Knife In The Decanter An Amusing Manner Of Passing The Time Between Dinner And Dessert
190 The Dancing Egg
192 The Disappearing Dime
193 The Melting Coin
195 The Coin In The Wine-Glass
196 A Wonderful Excuse That Maybe Offered For A Piece Of Awkwardness The Balls Passing Under A Plate
198 The Coffee Cups
199 The Dice Or A Pleasant Manner Of Putting An End To A Game Of Backgammon
202 The Blindfold Sorcerer A Trick With Dice
203 Blindman’s Buff With Dominoes
204 The Domino Oracle
205 Dominoes Seen And Counted Through All Obstacles
207 Extremes Or How To Guess The Two Ends Of A Line Of Dominoes
208 A Droll Drawing-Boom Scene
208 The Needle And Thread Trick
209 The Thumb And String Trick
210 To Pull A String Through Your Buttonhole
211 To Cause A Dime To Disappear In A Glass
212 The String And The Stick
213 How To Strike The Knuckles Without Hurting Them
214 Deceptive Vision
214 The Magic Band
216 To Swallow A Barber’S Pole
217 The Hat And Quarter Trick
218 Conjuring A Bing
219 Magic Money
220 The Vanishing Dime
220 The String And Corals
222 The “Twenty Cent” Trick
223 The Book And Key Oracle
224 To Make A Dime Pass Through A Table
225 The Restored Ribbon
225 To Remove A Key From A Double String Which Is Held In A Person’S Two Hands Without His Being Able To Prevent It
227 To Eat A Peck Of Paper Shavings And Convert Them Into A Ribbon
228 To Make A Dime Vanish
229 The Wonderful Hat
229 The Magnetized Cane
230 An Amusing Trick For The Drawing Boom And A Good Subject For A Wager
231 To Lift Three Matches With One
231 The Old Man And The Pound Of Candles
236 The Interlaced Fingers
238 The Confederate Coin
238 The Disentangled Scissors
239 How To Drop A Tumbler On The Floor Without Breaking It
240 The String And Nose Tricks
241 The Magical Knot
242 The Dagger Sleight Or How To Make Three Wafers Vanish And Reappear Again
243 The Mysterious Release
245 The Separated Corks
247 The Ribbon Released
248 The Handcuffs
250 The Vanished Pencil
251 How To Pass A Thread Through The Eye Of A Needle Several Times
252 The Post And String Trick
253 The Pirate And The Yankee Sailors A Nautical Trick
256 The Thumb String
257 The Magical Metamorphosis
258 The Double Half Hitch Trick

Part VI Tricks in White Magic, performed by the aid of Ingenious Contrivance, and Simple Apparatus.

261 The Pepper-Box Trick
262 The Celebrated Nut Trick
264 The Bag Of Eggs
266 A Handkerchief Marked Torn And Mended
267 A Watch Pounded In A Mortar
268 The Box Of Eggs Or Balls
269 The Parlor Boomerang
270 The Quarter Changed To A Cent
271 To Pierce The Arm With A Knife Without Injuring One's Self
272 The Magic Boxes
273 The Boxes Of Millet
275 The Manner Of Making A Bing Change Hands And Pass On To Any Finger You Please Of The Opposite Hand
276 A Pass Trick With Dice And Counters
279 To Pass Six Cents Through A Table
281 Mysterious Coin Or How To Make Cents Pass Through A Wine-Glass A China Plate A Table And Fall Into The Hand
282 The Glass Of Claret Changed Into A Shower Of Bose Leaves
283 The Cone Or Skittle A Secret For Amusing A Great Many People With A Paper Horn
285 Pile Or Cone: A Much More Amusing Game Than That Of Heads Or Tails
286 The Magic Salver
286 How Two And Two Make Eight
288 To Change A Dime To A Quarter
289 The Ring And The Handkerchief
290 The Miniature Taglioni
291 The Pigeon’S Nest
293 The Inseparable Sticks Or The Cut String Restored
295 The Feather Trick Explained
296 To Make A String Appear Black And White Alternately
296 To Pass A Quarter Into A Ball Of Worsted
297 The Eatable Candle Ends
298 The Burned Handkerchief Restored
299 The Wizard’S Chain
300 The Gold Fish In A Vase Of Ink
302 A Garden And An Arsenal Contained In A Hat
304 A Trick Intended For The Service Of Wards Oppressed By Cruel Guardians
307 Fishing With A Net On A Table
309 The Miraculous Post Or Winged Expresses
310 A Trick By Which We Learn That It Is Less Difficult To Make Pure Wine Than To Drink It
311 A Trick By Which Wo Show That A Watch Is To Be Ground In A Mortar
313 Rice Coffee And Dried Peas
315 A Die Which Will Pass Anywhere
317 Useless Precautions Or The Enchanted Box
318 The Feather Turned Confectioner
320 A Musician In A Dollar Piece
322 Droll Result Of An Unfortunate Blunder The Ball And The Handkerchief
324 The Box Of Hot Coffee
327 An Omelette In A Hat
328 Another Method Of Performing The Last Trick An Omelette Cooked In A Hat Over The Flame Of A Candle
330 The Mysterious Disappearance Of Mr Bonbon

Part VII Natural Magic, or Recreations in Science, Embracing Curious Amusements in Magnetism, Mechanics, Acoustics, Chemistry, Hydraulics, and Optics.

331 Fireside Mesmerism
332 Hearing With The Teeth
333 To Raise Fire By Command
334 To Light A Candle Without Touching The Wick
334 To Place A Glass Of Water In Such A Position That No One Can Remove It Without Upsetting It
335 The Hat Deception
336 Fire Upon Ice
336 To Set A Combustible Body On Fire By The Contact Of Cold Water
336 To Make Wine Or Spirits Float On Water
337 The Magic Egg
337 Which Is The Boiled Egg?
338 Musical Flame
339 To Balance A Stick Upon The Edge Of A Glass Of Wine
340 To Stand An Egg Upright
340 The Doubled Coin
340 To Burn A Poker In The Candle
341 What A Glassful Of Water Will Hold
342 To Raise Up A Heavy Metal Mortar Or The Like With A Wine Glass
343 Magic Milk
344 The Inverted Glass Of Water
345 The Balanced Coin
346 The Magic Coffee Pot
347 The Gong Poker
348 To Place Water In A Drinking-Glass Upside Down
349 The Revolving Image
350 Fire By Percussion
351 To Put A Lighted Candle Under Water Without Extinguishing It
352 The Immovable Card
352 An Amusing Recreation
352 Inexplicable Motion And Sound
353 Curious Effects Of Oil Upon Water And Water Upon Oil
354 Another Curious Experiment With Oil And Water
354 The Mechanical Bucephalus
356 Solid Steel Will Float Upon Water
356 A Mariner’S Compass Made On A Lady’S Thimble
357 Magical Increase
357 The Balanced Turk
358 The Real Will-O’-The-Wisp
359 Curious Motions
360 The Man In The Moon
360 The Mimic Vesuvius
362 The Revolving Syphon
363 The Mimic Gas House
364 A Flying Toy
365 The Revolving Serpent
366 The Ring Suspended By A Burnt Thread
366 The Spanish Dancer
367 The Funny Funnel
368 Manner Of Melting Steel And Seeing It Liquify
369 A Trick By Means Of Which You Change The Color Of The Plumage Of A Bird Or The Petal Of A Flower
369 A Magic Picture Representing Alternately Summer And Winter
370 A Color Which You Can Cause To Appear And Disappear
370 The Magic Portrait
371 To Draw Two Figures With Charcoal On A Wall So That One Will Light A Taper And The Other Extinguish It
371 A Vessel That Will Let Water Out At The Bottom As Soon As The Mouth Is Uncorked

Part VIII Miscellaneous Tricks; A Curious Collection of Entertaining Experiments, Amusing Puzzle, Queer Sleights. Including the Celebrated Science of Second Sight, Recreations in Arithmetic, and Fireside Games for Family Pastime.

372 The Magic Purse
373 To Place Seven Counters Upon An Eight-Pointed Star
374 The Twelve-Cornered Arithmetical Star
375 The Secret Of Clairvoyance Or Second Sight
380 The Oval Puzzle
381 The Magical Arrangement
382 How To Cut A Visiting Card For A Cat To Jump Through It
382 The Board And Ball
383 To Tell A Person Any Number He May Privately Fix On
384 The Cypher Puzzle
384 The Remainder
585 The Sphinx
386 The Crowning Puzzle
386 The Carpenter Puzzled
387 The Magic Star
389 The Row Of Figures
389 The Board And Rings
390 Key Heart And Arrow
392 The Perplexed Carpenter
392 Scraps For The Curious
393 To Find Six Times Thirteen In Twelve
393 A Very Pretty And Hitherto Unknown Game At Cards Called Tontine With Which A Large Party May Be Amused
394 To Make A Straw Cross Turn By Pouring On It Two Or Three Drops Of Water
394 Permutation Table
395 An Extremely Amusing Trick
395 Peculiar Properties Of The Numbers 37 And 73
396 Two Dice Being Thrown On The Table To Find Out The Spots On Them Without Seeing Them
396 To Show Some Worms In A Bottle After Having Put Into It Earth And Water
397 Piquet On Horseback
398 Mode Of Printing A Card On A White Handkerchief