Frederick Culpitt: Laughter and Legerdemain
Culpitt, Frederick: Laughter and Legerdemain
©1928 George Johnson, The Magic Wand Office, London, England
Hardcover, no dj, 72 pages

Also published in softcover, 4.25x6.25"
Culpitt: Laughter and Legerdemain
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Culpitt: Laughter and Legerdemain
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Comments: 14 diagrams, illustrated by the author.

Contents (from book, updated Dec 2022):

1 Introduction (Frederick Culpitt, 1928)
5 A New Form of the "Passe-Passe" Trick: bottle and glass transpo in cylinders
13 The Sands of Dee: rice bowls adapted to pails and sand
19 Hat Loading
19 - An Opening, With Silks
22 - Water on the Brain
26 - Crackers
27 - Rabbits!
30 A Case of Cutlery: dirty knives vanish and reappear cleaned in a case
34 The Thought-Reading Light: lamp changes color based on a selected color
29 Good Team Work - A Cigarette Trick: cigarettes end up spelling a name on a handkerchief
43 The Flying Salt: using a TT
45 An Original "Egg Bag" Trick: allows the bag to be examined
51 A New Vanishing Alarm Clock: vanishes on a thin tray after covered with a handkerchief
54 A Vanishing Fan: when wrapped in a newspaper
56 The Torn And Restored Newspaper: a sheet of newspaper
60 "Multiplying Billiard Balls" - with a little difference!: different colored balls
65 The Boy Wonder: card trick for the stage

73 Advertisement: for books on conjuring and entertaining