Cummins, Paul W. and Doc Eason: Fusillade A Treatise on the Multiple Selection Routine
2000 Doc Eason, Paul Cummins; Published by Rocky Mountain Magic and FASDIU Press
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 81 pages
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Comments: Two routines and tons of advice for the multiple selection routine. The book is clearly written and packed with excellent information and 56 photos.


Foreward by Bill Herz
Introduction by Paul Cummins and Doc Eason
Doc Eason's Cavalcade of Cards

1 Doc's Introduction
3 The Selection of Cards
4 The Practical Multiple Selection Control (PMS Control)
6 The Flexibility to Force
8 The Revelations
8 Derailing the know-it-all
8 "Yes, that's my card!"
10 Initial Revelations
11 J.K. Hartman's Popover Move
12 Variant of Bruce Elliot's Spin Cut Production
12 "Get 'Em Both!"
12 J.C. Wagner's Pop Out Revelation
12 Rising Card Gag
14 The Hat Load
16 The Memory Work. Gets you started with learning how to memorize the spectator's names.
21 Conclusion

25 Paul W. Cummins on the Multiple Selection Routine
25 Paul's Introduction
27 The Selection and Control Process
31 The Initial Discoveries
33 The Benzais Spin Cut
34 Card from Pocket
34 Delayed Change
36 The Flexible Middle
37 Marlo's Sunrise
38 One Card Reversal/Torino Switch-Out
42 Bruce Elliot's Spin Pass Production
43 Endfield Slip-Cut
44 Color Change
47 Daley's Knock-Out or Scwarzman's Impeccable Double
48 Flash Sandwich
49 Lorayne's Quinella
50 Card From Fly
51 Matt Schulien's Card From Box
52 Tossing the Deck
53 Fr. Cyprian's Cutting Display
54 Jump-Cut
55 J.K. Hartman's Uppercut/Dribble Force
56 Neal Elias' Cut Production
57 The VRBD
58 Doug Conn's Double Play
60 The "Dead Cut" with Matt Corin's Spin Flourish
62 The Closers
62 Derek Dingle's Open Sesame
64 The Card in Wallet
66 Final Observations
67 Conclusion
68 Outs, Opportunities, and Challenges

76 Appendix A: Credits, References, and Remarks. Lots of credits, and hints
80 Appendix B: Further Reading. Lots of references to other routines.