Tom Cutts: AM/PM July 2002
Cutts, Tom: AM/PM July 2002
©2002 Tom Cutts
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11"
              Cutts AM/PM Magazine July 2002
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Comments: AM/PM is a periodical that was published six times per year, covering the theatrical performance of magic. Seemed to have lasted about one year before publication ceased (according to Genii's Magicpedia).

Contents (from front cover):

1 Welcome
3 The Flip (Peter Loughran): novel production of a playing card
3 Vortex (Peter McCabe): three coins vanish and reappear in a candle flame
6 Interview Samples: on performing from David Regal, Jeff Sheridan, Steve Draun, and Max Howard