Daisy Bank: Book of Tricks
Daisy Bank: Book of Tricks
©1914 The Daisy Bank Printing & Publishing Co., Gorton, Manchester
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 34 pages
Daisy Bank Book of Tricks
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Comments: Many items are chemical or science experiments. Proceed with caution as many chemicals thought safe years ago have been found to be dangerous. Also, some descriptions are challenging to understand without diagrams.

Contents (from book):

2 The Wonderful Hat: gag
2 The Confederate Coin: one coin multiplies to two on a table
3 To Make Touch-Paper
3 A Slow Fire for Wheels: chemical mixture
3 Magic Boxes: the nest of boxes
4 A Brilliant Fire: chemical mixture
4 The Manner of Making a Ring Change Hands, and Pass On To Any Finger You Please of the Opposite Hand
5 To Make Squibs and Serpents: chemicals
6 To Break a Stick Placed on Two Glasses Without Breaking the Glass: puzzle
6 To Make Crackers: chemicals
7 Magical Transmutations: chemical magic; liquid poured into three glasses comes out as three different colors
7 Scrap or Blowing Book: not sure what this describes
7 To Make Fire Bottles: chemical
8 The Magic Flask: chemical magic, color disappears from bottle
8 The Ring and the Handkerchief: borrowed ring passed through handkerchief
9 Freezing With Liquid: chemical magic
9 To Keep a Stone in Perpetual Motion: Using iron filings and a stone of lapis calaminaris
10 The Magnifying Reflector: reflecting an image using a magnifying glass
10 To Melt Iron in a Moment and Make it Run Into Drops: using sulphur
10 To Make a Bird Seem as Dead: waving a feather over its eyes
10 Sympathetic Ink: disappearing and appearing ink using cobalt
11 Invisible Correspondence: a form of invisible writing
11 To So Fill a Glass With Water That it Cannot Be Removed Without Spilling the Whole: a gotcha
11 New Camera Lucida: how to sketch an object with accuracy
12 To Make an Object Which is Too Near the Eye to be Distinctly Perceived, to Be Seen in a Distinct Manner, Without the Interposition of Any Glass: with a small hole in a card
12 Two Figures, One of Which Blows Out and The Other Re-Lights a Candle: using phosphorus and gunpowder
12 An Optical Game: experiment in perception
13 A Vessel That Will Let Water Out at the Bottom As Soon as the Mouth is Uncorked: another gotcha
13 Magical Colours: using syrup of violets
13 A Powder Which Catches Fire When Exposed to the Air: using rock alum
14 How to Cut A Man's Head Off and Put It In a Platter a Yard From His Body: a stage illusion
15 To Construct and Inflate a Small Balloon: with hydrogen
15 To Cause a Brilliant Explosion Under Water: using phosphorus
15 To Melt Lead in a Piece of Paper: over a flame
16 To Produce Great Heat by Presenting Two Solids to Each Other: nitrate of copper
16 Artificial Illuminations: exhibition using a small box and pasteboard architect buildings
17 To Set Fire to Spirits of Wine by the Rays of the Sun: catching wine on fire with a coin
17 A Handkerchief Marked, Cut, Torn and Mended: using a confederate
18 Magic Pictures, Alternately Representing Summer and Winter:
picture changes with temperature
19 Invisible Ink: green vitriol and nitrous acid
19 The Hydraulic Dancer: figure suspends on stream of water
19 The Magic Bottle: water exchanges with wine
20 To Produce Beautiful Fireworks in Miniature: chemical experiment
21 To Melt a Piece of Money In a Walnut Shell Without Injuring the Shell: using nitre
21 To Eat a Peck of Paper Shavings and Convert Them Into a Ribbon
22 A Watch Pounded in a Mortar: using a table trap
23 To Construct Paper Balloons: float using fire
23 Ice Made In a Red-Hot Vessel: with a platinum cup and sulphuric acid
24 The Globular Fountain: making a fountain
24 The Water Sun: another fountain
24 To Illuminate The Surface of the Water: using loaf sugar and phosphorised ether
24 Beautiful Ornament for a Room: crystal growing experiment
25 The Fiery Fountain: phosphorus, zinc and sulphuric acid
25 The Magical Teaspoon: combining metals and chemicals to make a melting teaspoon
25 The Wine Trick: a puzzle
26 To Mix Wine and Water Together and Then Separate Them By Means of a Red and White Tape: apparatus described
27 The Well of Fire: using sulphuric acid
27 To Split a Piece of Money Into Two Parts: with flour of sulphur
28 The Tumbling Egg: using mercury - quicksilver
28 Artificial Thunder: using iron and spirit of vitriol
28 To Swallow a Barber's Pole: made from paper
30 Two Liquids When Mixed Form Almost a Solid Mass: using silicated potash and sulphuric acid
30 To Make the Appearance of a Flash of Lightning When Anyone Enters a Room With a Lighted Candle: sounds dangerous
30 To Discover Which Numbers Have Been Chosen: mathematical trick
31 To Make Liquid Steel: applying sulphur to heated steel
32 The Magical Mirrors: a mirror optical illusion
33 To Change the Colour of a Bird or Flower: using quicklime and ammoniac

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