Daisy Bank: Forty Tricks With Cards
Daisy Bank: Forty Tricks With Cards
©1915 The Daisy Bank Printing & Publishing Co., Gorton, Manchester
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 32 pages
Daisy Bank 40 Tricks With Cards
Image courtesy eBay seller RadarsGood
Daisy Bank: Forty Tricks With Cards
Image courtesy eBay seller RadarsGood


Contents (from ebook at State Library of Victoria):

1 General Principles of Sleight-of-Hand Applicable To Card Tricks
1 The Cards
2 To Make the Pass
3 To Ruffle the Cards
3 To Change a Card
4 To Get Sight of a Drawn Card
4 To Slip a Card
5 To Draw Back a Card
5 To Turn Over a Pack of Cards
6 To Spring Cards From One Hand to the Other
6 To Throw a Card
7 Simple Modes of Discovering a Given Card
8 To Make a Card Vanish From the Pack, and Be Found in a Person's Pocket
9 To Place the Four Kings in Different Parts of the Pack, and to Bring Them Together by a Simple Cut
10 Four Packets of Cards Having Been Formed Face Downwards on the Table, to Discover the Total Value of the Undermost Cards
11 To Name All the Cards in the Pack in Succession
12 The Cards Being Cut, to Tell Whether the Number Cut is Odd or Even
12 The Whist Trick - To Deal Yourself All The Trumps
13 To Allow a Person to Think of a Card, and to Make That Card Appear at Such Number in the Pack as Another Person Shall Name
14 The Cards Revealed by the Looking-Glass
14 To Guess Four Cards Thought Of By Different Persons
15 The Pairs Re-Paired
16 The Magic Triplets
16 To Guess By the Aid of a Passage or Poetry or Prose, Such One of Sixteen Cards As In the Performers Absence, Has Been Touched or Selected By the Company
17 To Detect, Without Confederacy, Which of Four Cards Has Been Turned Round In Your Absence
17 To Arrange Twelve Cards In Rows In Such a Manner That They Will Count Four in Every Direction
18 To Place the Aces and Court Cards In Four Rows, in Such a Manner That Neither Horizontally nor Perpendicularly Shall There Be In Either Row Two Cards Alike Either In Suit or Value
18 The Assembly of Court Cards
18 The Long Card
19 A Card Having Been Chosen and Returned and the Pack Shuffled, To Produce the Chosen Card Instantly in Various Ways
20 To Tech the Company a Trick Which They Learn Without Difficulty, Then to Allow Them to Success or Cause Them to Fail at Your Pleasure
23 To Distinguish the Court Cards By Touch
24 To Name Any Number of Cards in Succession Without Seeing Them
24 A Card Having Been Drawn and Returned, and the Pack Shuffled, to Make it Appear at the Such Number as the Company Choose
25 Several Persons Having Each Drawn and Returned a Card, to Make Each Card Appear at Such Number in the Pack as the Drawer Chooses
26 The Three Card Trick: a brief explanation of the basic Three Card Monte toss
27 To Nail a Chosen Card to the Wall
27 The Inseparable Sevens
28 The Inseparable Aces
29 Having Placed the Four Aces in Different Positions in the Pack, to Make the Two Black Change Places With the Two Red Ones, and Finally to Bring All Four Together in the Middle of the Pack
30 A Card Having Been Thought Of, to Make Such Card Vanish From the Pack, and Be Discovered Whereever the Performer Pleases
31 To Make Four Aces Change To Four Kings, and Four Kings to Four Aces

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