Dante: 50 Tricks for Everybody
Dante (Harry August Jansen): 50 Tricks for Everybody
©1941 (circa) Dante
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 26 pages
Dante: 50 Tricks for Everybody
Image courtesy QuickerThanTheEye.com

Comments: Presents 50 beginner's magic tricks and stunts in short write-ups. A souvenier type book. I think there were a couple different editions, with slightly different photos.

Contents (from book):

2 The Show is On: B&W photo collage
3 Dante's Life and Career: biographical article
4 Dante's Advice: being successful in magic
4 A 10,000 Dollar Challenge to Manager, Agents, Impresarios and Artists: award to beat Dante's performance agenda

5 The Seven Coin Trick: coin puzzle
5 The Coin and the Hat: coin passes through hat into glass
5 The Ring and the Cord: washer off string
6 The Magic Strips of Paper: breaking a stick with papers
6 Card Divining: magician names top cards of three piles
6 Heads or Tails: coin vanishes when hit with a matchbox
7 The Balanced Tumbler: balance a glass on a playing card
7 Picking It Out: magician knows which object of three chosen; confederate
7 The Hypnotic Key: key turns over in hand
7 The Changing Card: gimmicked card changes spots
7 The Magic Number: spectator chooses the 9 pile
7 Thought Reading: magician knows if apple or orange was held
7 Dime and Handkerchief: dime vanishes from handkerchief
7 Self-Serving Match Box: match rises out of box
7 String Through Handkerchief: a double string is pulled through a handkerchief
7 The Tipsy Cigarette: cig falls to floor at command
7 The Magnetized Dice: dice stick together
7 The Mummified Finger: gag
7 Heads or Tails: coin vanishes under matchbox
8 Sugar That Will Burn: sugar doesn't usually burn
8 Card Through Table: card penetrates deck and table
8 The Mystic Cross: a line passed through hand to make a cross on the palm
8 The Paper Disc: removed from string
8 The Sympathetic Bananas: one banana is slices and a 2nd is found pre-sliced
8 Dropping Cards in Hat: challenge
8 The Mystic Ace: Ace of Diamonds rises to the top
8 The Surprising Safety Match: striking a safety match on the shoe
8 A Light From the Pocket: lit match from the pocket
8 The Obedient Box: match box rises on back of hand
8 The Acrobatic Match: one match jumps off another
8 The Jumping Match Box: a matchbox drawer leaps open
9 Thought Reading: center tear
9 The Singing Glass: fork used as a tuning fork
9 A Game of Cards: magician knows which card transferred to another packet
10 Magic Prediction: spectator will choose the 7 pack
10 The Mystery of the Coin: coin vanishes from handerchief and is found in an envelope
10 The Great Money Mystery: the Buddha papers
11 Fooled and Fooled Again!: sucker card trick
11 Metal That Floats: a metal disc only floats for magician
11 The Coin and the Handkerchief: coin vanishes in handkerchief
12 The Coin and the Box of Matches: coin appears in empty matchbox
12 The Quickness of the Hand Deceives the Eye: handkerchief penetrates wrist
12 Matter Through Matter: a match-stick penetrates through a safety pin
13 The Mystic Match Sticks: magician knows how many matches moved
13 Weighing a Card: magician finds selection by estimating weight
13 The Penetrating Penny: a penny penetrates the sleeve
14 A Magic Clock: mathematical trick
14 The Magnetic Knife: clings to the hand
14 The Ring and the Coin: coin vanishes in middle of a ring

15 The Truth About the Hindu Rope Trick (Dante): article
16 Famous Magicians Past and Present: photo

17 Horoscopes
17 If You Were Born Between March 21st and April 19th
17 If You Were Born Between April 20th and May 20th
17 If You Were Born Between May 21st and June 20th
18 If You Were Born Between June 21st and July 22nd
18 If You Were Born Between July 23rd and August 22nd
18 If You Were Born Between August 23rd and September 22nd
18 If You Were Born Between September 23rd and October 22nd
18 If You Were Born Between October 23rd and November 22nd
19 If You Were Born Between November 23rd and December 20th
19 If You Were Born Between December 21st and January 19th
19 If You Were Born Between January 20th and February 19th
19 If You Were Born Between February 20th and March 20th

20 Opinions of the World Press: praise for Dante's performances
21 Dante at Play in Priave Life: photo collage
22 Facts: quotes from others about Dante
22 Advertisement: for the Dante Institute of Magic
23 Moi-Yo Miller: biography of one of Dante's assistants
24 Who Is Dante???: quotes from the press
24 Broadway Confirms the Verdict of the World!: quotes from broadway
24 Dante and His Company Sailed: list of ports
25 Dante and Moi-Yo Miller: photo collage
26 Photo: of Moi-Yo Miller