Darci, Steve: Commercial Close Up Lecture No. 1
©1973 Imperial Products
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 23 pages
Commercial Close Up
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Steve Darci: Commercial Close Up Lecture No. 1

Comments: Steve's first lecture


ii Dear Fellow Magician: about Steve's first lecture
1 Think of a Card: Spectator counts off cards for suit and value, and magician determines selection
3 I'll Be Damned: selection ends up in the Card Box
5 Sit on It or Open Wide and Say "Are You Crazy?": sat on card revelation
6 Thimble Vanish: with nothing left in either hand
7 Color Changing Deck: uses a gimmicked card
10 How to Practice: tips
11 Ace Quickie: four Ace effect
12 Tear-Up Napkins Revisited: sucker effect with just four napkins
13 Between 2 Heads: novel card discovery as lead-in to coin routine
14 Pick a Pile Dummy!: a gag
15 Chop Cup Routine: using a Chop Cup, set of chop balls, a chop ball of another color, a tennis ball, and a rubber ball the size of a tennis ball.
18 Is This the Fastest Right Hand in the World (Ira Alterman): article reprint from the Worchester Post, 1973