Daryl: Something For Everyone-Magic Lecture #2
1982 Daryl Martinez
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 16 pages
Daryl: Something
              for Everyone Lecture 2
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Comments [Stewart Tame]: These notes come with two sheets of paper with black and white pictures of playing cards on them that are used in the "...Just an Old Premonition." effect. Also included with the notes is a two page loose insert featuring a catalog of effects and books available from Daryl.


1 Magician Fooler: Card freely selected and returned to the deck while the magician isn't looking, magician looks through the cards and finds the selection "[w]ithout any jogs, breaks, crimps, key cards or 'controls' of any kind ..."
2 A Few More Ideas: Some variations on the previous effect to disguise the method better.
2 Half and Half: Two business card size cards are displayed, ten of clubs and five of diamonds, each folded in half lengthwise, unfolded to show that half of each have exchanged places, everything can be given away, specially printed cards available from Daryl.
4 Paddle Routine: An envelope with a red sticker on it is opened and a plastic silvery paddle is dumped out, magician shows both sides, places it in fist, takes a "pinch of red" from the sticker and places it in fist, opens to show red paddle and shows both sides, slides second silvery paddle out of envelope, shows how the "switch" of one paddle for the other works, silver and red paddles change places, etc., magician rubs silver paddle on one side of red causing one side to turn silver,
magician turns envelope over and shows blue sticker, rubs silver paddle against it turning one side blue, both paddles now silver on one side and colored on the other, can be examined.
6 Triple Change Coin Flight: Two half dollars shown, one placed in each hand, clink is heard from one hand, other hand shown empty, remaining hand opened to show two English pennies, one placed in each hand, clink heard, hand opened to show two Chinese coins, can be examined.
9 Audio Transposition: Two baby toys are shown, one squeaks and one rattles, a magical pass is made and now the one that formerly squeaked rattles and vice versa, can be examined.
11 Lots-O-Fun Rope Cut: Magician slides bracelet onto center of rope, spectator holds ends of rope, magician cuts center and removes bracelet, ties cut ends together, trims knot, slides knot off rope revealing that it is restored.
12 "...Just an Old Premonition": Magician asks spectator to think of a card, with minimal "fishing" (just finding out whether the card was odd or even and red or black) magician hands spectator piece of paper with black and white photocopy of fifty-one cards, spectator's card is not among them.
13 Fish Schtick: Magician shows backs of business cards have labels with pictures of fish on some and bowls on others, taking two cards and inserting them face to face in a slot cut into a wooden dowel magician twirls the rod showing how retention of vision seems to show fish in bowl, magician stops twirling and now one card has no sticker and the other has a sticker with the fish in the bowl.
15 [blank with heading "Notes" at top of page]
16 Magic by Daryl: One page catalog of items available including labels for Fish Schtick, Half and Half cards, and pre-made Paddle Routine sets.