Daryl: New Millennium World Tour
Notes from Daryl's Magic Lecture Tour
1999 Daryl Martinez
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 24 Pages
Daryl: New
              Millennium World Tour
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Comments: Most of these routines utilize specialized gimmicks sold by Daryl. Eight Card Brainwave 2000 and Presto Attracto Card II do not require any gimmicks. The following gimmicks were available as of Dec 2009 at Daryl's website: Daryl's Ultimate Ambition Improved (with DVD or gimmick only), The Enchanted Cube, and Dicey Dots. The Metal Mesh Coin Purse, the Color Changing Knives, and the balls for Bounce Across are no longer listed.


1 Introduction: by Daryl
2 The Enchanted Cube: A puzzle cube (like Rubik's) is thrown into the air where it solves itself. Requires the gimmicked cube.
4 Fusion Illusion: In a flash of fire, a loop of string, paper clip, rubber band, and safety pin are all magically linked together. Provides a list of additional suggestions. Requires a metal mesh coin purse.
6 Eight Card Brainwave 2000: One of 8 cards is selected, and is found to have an odd colored back. In a repeat, the card is odd, but of the opposite color. Next, two cards are selected from a packet of 4 cards (by two spectators). The backs of the cards do not match, but it is shown that they are the only "odd" cards out of the packets of 4 they were selected from. No gimmicks required
10 Dicey Dots: The spots are removed from a Die with the use of a "spot remover" stick. A paddle routine with a die and a specially marked paddle/stick.
12 Ultimate Ambition Improved (Including Daryl's Ambitious Card Routine): Even though the deck is wrapped in rope, the signed "ambitious" card still rises to the top. Requires the "Ultimate Ambition Gimmick".
15 Dish-A-Licious: The magician apparently takes a bite out of a plate and then restores it. Requires the "bite" gimmick.
17 Bounce Across: a clever routine for the Bounce/No-Bounce Balls. Requires a set of the balls along with modeling clay and bouncing putty.
19 Presto Attracto Card II: Two cards are selected, one removed and the other left in the deck. A "Presto-Attracto Card" is cut to, and the two selections are found above and below this card. Requires knowledge of the Paul LePaul Automatic Jog Control and other advanced card technique.
22 Daryl's Color Changing Knives: Two knives change color several times, transpose, and end up half one color and half another. Can be done with any "colorfusing" knife set. Daryl's set for this effect included a "thumbprint" on one side, as if the color change took place in the magician's hand. (These knives are no longer available)