B. Das: Levitation Secrets
Das, B.: Levitation Secrets
©1999 Electro Fun, Calcutta
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 18 pages
              Das: Levitation Secrets
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Comments: Shows how some illusions are performed with basic illustrations, not how to build them.
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Contents (from Lybrary.com, page numbers estimated):

1 Indian Levitation
2 Floating Girl
3 Mystery Of Lhasa
4 Aga
5 Sword Aerial
6 Bed Of Arrows
7 Fan Illusion
8 Walking On Swords
9 Flying Carpet
10 One Man Levitation
11 Chair Suspension
12 Bamboo Aerial
13 Trilby Couch
14 Goldston Aga
15 Night Club Levitation
16 Another Asrah
17 Asrah
18 Kellar’s Asrah