Dawes, Edwin A.: The Barrister in the Circle
A Memoir of Sidney Wrangel Clarke
©1983 Edwin A. Dawes, The Magic Circle
Hardcover, 125 pages
The Barrister In the
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Edwin Dawes: The Barrister in the Circle



ix List of Illustrations
xi Foreword (John Salisse, Honorary Secretary of the Magic Circle)
xiii Introduction and Acknowledgements

1 Chapter 1 Early Years
9 Chapter 2 Called to the Bar
21 Chapter 3 Enter The Magic Circle
35 Chapter 4 The Magic Circle Comes of Age
51 Chapter 5 The Genesis of "The Annals of Conjuring"
65 Chapter 6 A Modern Rarity
75 Chapter 7 Greek Meets Greek - Sidney Clarke and Henry Ridgely Evans
85 Chapter 8 Sidney Clark, the Man
99 Chapter 9 The Closing Years

105 General References
106 Appendix A. Magic Taught Here!
113 Appendix B. A Timely Ghost
117 Appendix C. A Checklist of the Principle Writings of Sidney Wrangel Clarke
120 Index