Edwin Dawes & Arthur Setterington: Making Magic
Dawes, Edwin A. & Arthur Setterington: Making Magic
©1986 E.A. Dawes & A. Setterington
Hardcover, w/dj, 9x11.5", 190 pages
ISBN 1-85375-124-3

©1992 Prion Books, Ltd.
©1993 Multimedia Books Ltd, London

Dawes & Setterington: Making Magic
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Dawes & Setterington: Making Magic
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Comments: "Vanishing Acts, Illusions, Card Tricks, Levitation, Mindreading, Magic for Beginners".
This appears to be the same book as the 1986 "Encyclopedia of Magic" - perhaps just re-titled for the European market?

Contents (from Book, updated Apr 2021, completed details):

6 Foreword
8 Introduction

10 Magic Past
15 The Oldest Trick in the World: cups and balls
16 Ancient Mysteries
19 Traveling Showmen
24 Pinnacle of Popularity
28 Uncrowned King of Magic: Harry Kellar
29 Presiding Genius: John Nevil Maskelyne
31 Koins and Cards: T. Nelson Downs and Howard Thurston

32 The Great Escape
32 Houdini
37 The Handcuff Challenge
37 Safe Escape
39 The Straitjacket Escape
41 Underwater Escapes
43 The Hippodrome Handcuffs
47 Houdini Tricked
49 Lions and Race Tracks
53 Some Do's and Don'ts of Escapology

54 Disappearing Acts
57 The Black Bag Mystery: how it works
57 The Vanishing Rabbit: one method described
59 A Royal Mystery: a trick performed by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin for the King
60 The Bewildering Ball: a production box described
60 The Baffling Banknote: a bill vanished from under a handkerchief
61 The Disappearing Elephant: a story of Houdini's illusion
63 The Indian Basket: tip over box concept used for girl in a basket
63 The Trick That Never Was: Indian Rope Trick
65 The Flying Birdcage: Buatier de Kolta and others
66 The Vanishing Lady: de Kolta, Charles Bertram, etc.
68 A Space Age Mystery: assistant vanishes inside a rocket, explained
68 The Real Secret

70 Acts of Illusion
72 Find the Lady: Great Lyle's giant stage Three Card trick
73 The Artist's Dream: David Devant
74 Vanishing Motorcycles
74 Whippet Car: Howard Thurston
77 Dissected Ladies
79 Gory Routine: sawing through
80 Up In the Air: levitations
84 Homes of Illusion: Theatres
87 It's All Done by Lasers
88 Transformations

90 Mindreading and Levitations
92 Partner Acts: with sample basic code
95 Mindreading on Radio
98 BrainBusters and the Secret Service
101 TV Telepathy
101 Guns and Dollars
102 Master Showpieces

106 Card Mysteries
107 I Only Cheat a Little: Max Malini
108 Cardini: sidebar
111 The Card Stab I
111 Card Stab II
112 A Forcing Pack
113 A Prearranged Pack
113 - Card Revelation
114 - A Plural Revelation
114 The Short Card
115 Just a Thought
116 Extraordinary Aces
118 Find the Lady: Three Card Monte
120 Dual Discovery
121 Class Distinction
122 Turnover Spread
125 The Turnover Revelation
128 The Q Mystery

130 Magic for the Junior Magician
131 Ring-a-Ding: ring & string
132 The Mysterious Indian Vase: suspended on rope
133 Woolly Wizardry: coin fold
133 Magical Magnetism: with wand
134 A Surprise Release: rope escape
135 Slip-Away Knot: silks
136 Ribbon Restoration: cut & restored
138 The French Drop
140 Deceptive Dice
141 Paged Thoughts: book test
142 Banana Split: cutting a banana before it's peeled
142 Domino Magic: prediction
142 Magic In Rhyme: finger puzzle
143 The Bewildering Boomerangs: optical illusion
143 Aerial Addition: coins multiply in spectator's hands
144 Star Prediction: celebrity prediction
144 The Traveling Die: two in the hand, one in the pocket
145 Rope and Ring: bracelet on rope between wrists
146 Fantastic Figures: math magic
146 Its Matchic: puzzle
147 A Tumble Teaser: cup puzzle
147 Balancing a Coin: on the fingers
147 A Production Finale: with a hat
148 The Changing Box

150 Master Magician
151 Beginners Please
157 Patter
160 Handling of Apparatus
165 Building a Show
173 Concluding Observations
176 The Magician is Always Right
179 Learning from Experience
179 Showmanship: Dante, Chung Ling Soo, The Lazy Magician
180 Young Magicians
187 Suggestions For Further Reading

188 Index
190 Index of Magic Tricks and Techniques