Edwin Dawes & Arthur Setterington: Making Magic
Dawes, Edwin A. & Arthur Setterington: Making Magic
©1986 E.A. Dawes & A. Setterington
Hardcover, w/dj, 9x11.5", 190 pages
ISBN 1-85375-124-3

©1992 Prion Books, Ltd.
©1993 Multimedia Books Ltd, London

Dawes & Setterington: Making Magic
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Dawes & Setterington: Making Magic
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Comments: "Vanishing Acts, Illusions, Card Tricks, Levitation, Mindreading, Magic for Beginners".
This appears to be the same book as the 1986 "Encyclopedia of Magic" - perhaps just re-titled for the European market?

Contents (Chapters from Book ToC):

6 Foreword
8 Introduction
10 Magic Past
32 The Great Escape
54 Disappearing Acts
70 Acts of Illusion
90 Mindreading and Levitations
106 Card Mysteries
130 Magic for the Junior Magician
150 Master Magician
187 Suggestions for Further Reading
188 Index