Dayton, Ronald: Rope Without End
©1981 Micky Hades International, Alberta, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 112 pages
Rope Without End
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Comments: This book was later compiled into a single volume along with Conjurer's Collage, Legerde-mine, Secret Thoughts, Cordially Yours, Jenny-U-Wan Magic #1, Jenny-U-Wan Magic #2, and Jenny-U-Wan Magic #3 as "Dayton's Delights".


1 Contents
3 Dedication
5 Introduction

11 Section One The Wizard of Knotsville
11 R.C. Buffs 1912 Ring and String Miracle
14 Fun With a Hitch Knot
17 The Talisman Knots
20 Double Penetration (Two Methods)
22 Two and Thru
24 Crazy Tie
26 Bewildering Ropes
30 Multiplying Knots
34 Impromptu Rope Through Neck

39 Section Two Loose Ends
39 Upsetting News
40 The Aerial Knot (Two Patter Themes)
40 Catch'em
42 The Goldberg Invention
43 Much Ado About Nothing
43 The Real Edifying Educated rope
44 A Little of This...
45 R.C. Buffs Rope Workers Utility Carrying Case

55 Section Three Ropes Rings and Other Things
55 One of Millions
57 Silk Off Rope
57 Claudio Cut
61 Knotoff Knoton
63 Seven Year Hitch
65 Capture-Ring
68 Ring Bow Release
69 Chinese Coin and Cord
71 Freedom Ring
75 Four Sided Ring
77 Single Strand Penetration
77 Chain Restoration
79 Strange Chain of Events

85 Bonus Section Out of the Ordinary...
85 Jennifer's Jump Rope
87 Ribbon Ring and Box
89 Lambie's Ribbon Penetration Idea
92 Three Little Birds on a Telephone Line
94 Whisper-Ring
96 The Hong Kong Block
98 The Polychromatic Knot
100 R.C. Buffs Future Rope
102 Wand-Er-Lust/Flute-Tation