Ronald Dayton & Joseph Schmidt: Rope Worker A Tribute to RC Buff
Dayton, Ronald J. & Joseph K. Schmidt: Rope Worker
A Tribute to R.C. Buff
©1993 Micky Hades Publications, Inc., Canada
Softcover, spiral-bound, 6x9", 102 pages
ISBN 0-921298-15-3
Dayton & Schmidt: Rope Worker a Tribute to RC
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Comments: Illustrations by Joseph K. Schmidt, additional drawings byk Ronald J. Dayton. Edited by Lothar Malmberg.

Contents (from book ToC):

7 R.C. Buff by Ronald J. Dayton
15 Clean Thru Rope Ring
19 Grandma's Laces
21 Silk On Rope Production
23 Daisy Lace
25 Crazy Tie, Ring Release
29 Quick Link '90
30 Cyberknot
31 Bachelor's Needle, Plus
33 Tribute Lace Release
37 My Cut And Restored Rope
41 Unique Lace Blendo
45 A Twist By The Spirits
47 A Simple Offe-ring
51 Lace Stretch, Ring Surprise
53 The Jumbled Prayer Chain
57 The Inexplicable Ring Release
61 Lace Positions & Release Grip Suggestions
63 A Rope/Ring Interlude
64 - Threading A Ring
65 - Unthreading A Ring
67 - Two Finger Release
69 A System For Creating New Rope Effects
70 Patter And Thoughts On Rope Magic
73 Out Of The Past
85 Fond Memories
89 RC Buff (Joseph K Schmidt)
91 Appendix - "It Was This Way"
101 Colophon