Ken De Courcy: 33 Tricks With the PATEO Force
DeCourcy, Ken: 33 Tricks With the PATEO Force
©1980 Ken De Courcy, Supreme Magic, Bideford, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 19 pages
DeCourcy: 33 Tricks With the PATEO force
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Comments: The PATEO force can be used with any set of objects available, so it’s perfect to use even when you don’t have anything on you with which to perform.
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Contents (from, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction
2 The PATEO Force
3 Black...And Red
4 The Card In the Wallet
5 Find It Twice
6 Cash Chance
7 For Future Business
8 Boozy Do
9 Mental Coincidence
10 Flowery Force
11 Flattery
12 Traveller's Tale
13 The Show Must Go On
14 Trade Show
15 Smokers Heaven
16 Rabbit and Hat
17 Financial Force
18 Music Mentalism
19 Star Struck
20 Psychometry
21 Consequential Murder
22 Stag Show
23 Living and Dead
24 Fortune’s Favors
25 Thanks for The Help
26 Materialization
27 Drink Up
28 Tarot
29 Marked
30 Nationalities
31 P-A-T-E-O Prediction
32 There’s A Little Yellow Idol