Ken de Courcy: At the Drop of a Match
De Courcy, Ken: At the Drop of a Match
©1970 Supreme Magic, Bideford, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 35 pages
De Courcy: At the Drop of a Match
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Contents: (courtesy, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction

2 Part One - Match Puzzles
3 Tantalising Cocktail
4 Upstream-Downstream

5 Part Two - Match Magic
6 The Nothing To Do Match Trick
7 The Blowaway Suspension
8 The Ringed Match
9 Back, Back And Restored
10 Witchwood
11 Werry's Crazy Match Routine

12 Part Three - Match Mentalism
13 The Marked Match
14 The Last Match
15 The Three Piles Divination
17 Two Line Divination
18 Up And Down
19 The Jackpot Matchbox

20 Part Four - Match Gags
21 Road Hog
22 The Three Bears