DeCourcy, Ken: Deceiver's Discourse
©1976 Supreme Magic Co., Bideford, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 9x10", 24 pages
Deceiver's Discourse
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Ken de Courcy: Deceiver's Discourse

Comments: USA lecture tour notes.

Contents (descriptions from Magic Inc, numbers are not page numbers):

Foreword (Ken De Courcy)

1 The Haired Card: a comedy surprise with four outsize cards from a pack.
2 Balloon Prediction: three balloons, the audience nominate the colors, these magically burst one at a time, and predicted
3 The Economy Card in Balloon: simplicity version
4 Explosive Rope Cut: cut and restore a rope with a bang
5 Seeing is Disbelieving: at the end the Joker's are on you
6 The Invisible Die: cards from a well-shuffled pack match the date on a borrowed coin
7 Wandering Wabbits: a white cut-out rabbit and a black cut-out rabbit change places, even although they are marked with ribbons, and more
8 Oh Mummy!: yards of bandages are pulled from the sarcophagus, leaving the Mummy nude and either cold or modest!
9 The Sky-Hooked Coin: one of Ken's favorite impromptu tricks
10 The Gordian Ring: a ring vanishes then visibly appears tied in a knot in the center of a rope.
11 A Trio of Neophytes: the magician divines three chosen cards.
12 Sexy Just Chance: something really different in 'Just Chance' routines and one which with an alteration is also great for kids' shows.
13 Thimbles to Pocket: another of Ken's favorite tricks.