DeCourcy, Ken: Genial Improbabilities
©1949 1st Ed., Ken DeCourcy, Pub. by Goodliffe The Magician, Birmingham, U.K.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 62 pages
DeCourcy: Genial
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v Introduction
vi Foreword

1 Chapter One Magic With Cards
1 Reggie the Rattlesnake
3 Ri-Ki-Ki Poker
5 Silken Card Discovery
7 The Traveling Phoenix
10 The Snake Charmer

12 Chapter Two Magic With the Mind
12 Eve v. Adam
14 "Hail O Swami!"
16 Tangled Thoughts
20 The Devil's Key

23 Chapter Three Magic With Anything
23 No Knot
24 The Sympathetic Note Trick
26 The Jeweler's Dream
28 Which Witch?
30 The Chinese Picture
33 The Fiddled Furniture
37 The Ju-Ju Man
40 "Mud In Your Eye"
43 Coins Rampant
49 Cut and Restored Dope

55 Chapter Four The Continuity Gag