Ken DeCourcy: Ken on Cards
De Courcy, Ken: Ken on Kards
©1965 (circa) Ken De Courcy
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 6 pages
              DeCourcy: Ken on Cards
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Comments: A lecture from Ken DeCourcy on Card Magic for Non-Card Men. These are typical lecture notes that do not provide many details. If you know card magic you can probably figure out the routine, but certainly not for beginners. From the Intro, "these lecture notes are presented with the compliments of the Editor & Publishers of The Magigram"


1 Introduction: the basic sleights to learn - the Pass, Palm, Changes, Force, False Shuffle
1 The Box Pass (Ken De Courcy): basic explanation
1 Card Changes:
2 - The Turndown Change (Ken De Courcy): a top card switch
2 Forcing: a out for the classic Fan Force
2 Forcing Two Cards: forcing the top and bottom cards

2 A Card Act: intro
3 The Tricks
3 Face to Face Routine: not described, available as a booklet from Supreme Magic Company
3 Nap Hand Sam: not described, also available from Supreme Magic
3 The Indian Rope Trick: good outline provided
3 The Triple Cut Discovery: top change discovery, basic outline only
4 Burlesque Rising Card: very basic outline
4 The Three to Two of Spades: comedy card revelation using a top change, good outline
4 Mind Reading, Past and Present: not described, available from Supreme
4 Al Baker's Pack Vanish - With Improvement: three cards revealed and deck vanishes, good outline
4 The Six Pip Paper Tear: paper tear reveals chosen card, good outline
5 Gag Bag Card Discovery: comedy card revelation, good outline
5 New Twist for the K.B. Card Rise: for a commercial effect
5 The Chopper Card Find: comedy card revelation using a Finger Chopper, good outline