Ken De Courcy: Mistress of Pentertain
De Courcy, Ken: Mistress of Pentertain
©1976 The Supreme Magic Co., Ltd, Bideford, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8x10", 40 pages
De Courcy: Mistress of Pentertain
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Comments: the third and final book in this series of visual number stories for entertaining, the others being "Pentertain" and "Son of Pentertain". Note that some of the stories are on the risque side.


3 Acknowledgements
4 Photo: B&W photo of Ken de Courcy
5 Foreword
7 The Power of the Pentagram (Geoffrey Lamb): magician determines two cards selected by use of a Pentagram and math
8 The Updside Down Magic Squre: totals in all direction even when turned upside down
9 The Seven Dwarfs (Ralph L. Erlewine): a comedy tale of the 7 Dwarfs dividing 28 diamonds among themselves
11 The Charlie Chronicles (Leslie May): another plot suggestion for the above
11 Puzzle: write the figures 1-9 inclusive so they equal 100
12 A Sanguinary Rise (Leslie May): applying the "No Time for Work" trick from Son of Pentertain to Charlie
13 In the Good Old Days (Leslie Mays): a math trick with pounds, shillings, and pence
14 Tricky Crosswords: Two crosswords where the same word across every row is the answer, and the verticals also come out correct
15 Discount Coffee (Leslie May): a puzzle around change received
16 The Alternative Prediction (Charles Cameron and Leslie May): a math prediction that always works - using 2 outs
16 Puzzle: addition works rightside up or upside down
17 Practice Makes Perfect (Gerry Findler): clever math and writing practice
18 Three-Way Prediction (George B. Anderson): a letter, shape and number
19 Puzzle: take away 3 letters from a word of four and leave 5
20 F.T. Publicity (Peter Rees): a simple numerology stunt
22 Medical Magic (Leslie May): the doctor thwarts Luther's plans to be examines with Elinor
23 Forbidden Fruit (Dan Bellman): showing there were millions of Apples in the Garden of Eden
24 Grandfather's Gimmick (Ken De Courcy): Addition trick ends in 999, which must be similar to the USA's 911 emergency number
26 1089 and All That: several approaches to using the 1089 addition principle, some slightly off-color
28 Are You Kidding? (Ken De Courcy): another mathematical prediction
29 No Way: a slightly off-color joke
29 Puzzle: deposit vs withdrawn balance
30 Quaint Quiz: another off-color joke
31 Mountain Greenery: a slightly off-color nationality joke that can be easily turned family friendly
32 Where There's A Will There's a Way: The math puzzle "Sheik a Leg" from Son of Pentertain, this time around a brothel
34 Druids Dilemma: a slightly off-color reverse/mirror writing
34 Puzzle: write eight 8's so they equal 1000
35 It's Hard to Please: an off-color bit about writing the number 13
36 Taking It Lying Down: another of-color math joke around a prostitute
38 Playful Plays: off-color diagram joke
38 Puzzle: columns of numbers reversed still add the same total
39 A Letter From the Vicar: an envelope cutting gag