de Courcy, Ken: One Dream Bottle
©1975 (circa), Supreme Magic Co., Devon, England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 9x10"
DeCourcy: One
              Dream Bottle
Image courtesy e-Bay seller StuartMagic

Comments: Single trick manuscript. An impromptu version of Fogel’s "Bewitched Bottled and Bewildered"


1 Effect: On the performer's table stand five bottled drinks. All contain different drinks, but they are all the same size. A spectator is invited to mentally choose one, then they are covered by him with five identical covers and, finally, mixed so no one can know the position of any particular drink. At this point, the performer turns his back and directs the spectator to move the bottles himself. Then one by one they are eliminated until only one remains. He is asked to name the drink he chose, then lift the cover from the remaining bottle. It is the one he wanted. He is presented with a glass and the magician opens the bottle and asks him to drink the health of the audience.