Ken De Courcy: Pin Points
De Courcy, Ken: Pin-Points
©1979 Supreme Magic Co., Bideford, Canada
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 9x10", 16 pages
              Courcy: Pin Points
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Comments: All employing unfaked safety-pins. Available as an eBook from

Contents (courtesy, numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction
2 The pins
3 Preparing the pins
4 Tricks with the pins
5 Escape-0
6 Pull-Apart-Pins
7 Blow Separation
8 Safety-Rip
9 Pin-Weld
10 The Chung Ling Soo Pin
11 Ropes and Pins
12 Pinned
13 Fish-Out
14 Card-Holder
15 Balloon-Burster