d'Egerdon, Ebert; Aids to Wizardry
©1908 Hamley Brother, Ltd, London
Softcover, 5.5x8.5", 86 pages
Aids to Wizardry
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Contents (from book ToC; updated Feb 2019)

8 The Author's Advice
11 A Unique Folding Table

13 Some Novel Servantes
15 Table Cloth Attachment
16 Purse Servante
18 Chair Servante

21 The Quick-Change Screen

24 Suggestions for Dress, Attachments for Body Work
25 The Ball-Bearing Pocket: see also Flag Production

26 A Few Card Wrinkles
26 Introductory Sleight with Three Cards
27 A Useful Accessory for the New Rising Cards
29 Fan of Cards from Mouth (single handed)
29 Simple Forcing Dodge
29 A Card Balance
30 The Rising Cards (a new method)

33 Billiard Ball Suggestions
33 Production of the First Ball
34 Another Production of Ball From the Air
34 A Simple Pass
35 Billiard Ball Vanish
35 Interlude With a Single Ball
36 An Entirely New Colour Change
37 Vest Servante for Billiard Balls, Eggs, &c.

40 Ideas for Handkerchief Tricks
40 A Handy Method for Storing Handkerchiefs
41 A Dye Tube Worth Working
44 A Handkerchief Vanish
44 A Handkerchief Vanisher
47 Flag Production Made Easy

50 Tricks With Glasses
50 To Produce a Glass From an Empty Hat
51 To Vanish a Glass
52 To Reproduce It
52 Another Vanish
53 Glass Fakes - Two for Vanishing
56 A Combination of Sleights
59 The Flag, Glass, and Watch Trick

62 Miscellaneous Tricks
62 Another Production from a Wand
63 Three Thimble Moves - and The Little Finger Problem
67 Single-handed Bouquet Production
69 Colour-changing Ribbon Trick

71 A Few Wrinkles
71 Torn and Restored Paper
73 The Bundle of Handkerchiefs
74 A Throw-Up Coil
74 To Re-string Bouquet Flowers

75 A New Use for Old Apparatus
75 The Wonderful Confetti Bowls