De La Mano: Conjuring, or Magic Made Easy. Also "De La Mano's Great Magic Book"
De La Mano: Conjuring, or Magic Made Easy
©1881 (circa) NY Popular Publishing Co., NY
Softcover, perfect-bound, 29 pages plus ads
DeLaMano: Conjuring or Magic Made Easy
Image courtesy Conjuring Arts

Comments: Cover title says, "De La Mano's Great Magic Book", but I think the original title was "Conjuring, or Magic Made Easy". Most of the effects are only vaguely described, with little detail. I've seen publication dates mentioned from 1877 to 1890.

Contents (from book):

4 The Magic Knife: a paddle trick with a borrowed knife
5 How to Cut Your Arm Off Without Hurt or Danger: vague description
5 The Basket Trick: an escape trick
5 Magic Boxes: borrowed ring found in a nest of boxes
7 To Cut Off a Chicken's Head Without Killing It: not very humane
8 How To Cut A Man's Head Off, And Put It Into A Platter, A Yard From His Body: general description, using two boys and two tables
9 The Hat and Quarter Trick: physical stunt to cause a coin on a hat to fall into a glass
10 To Eat Knives and Forks: can be borrowed
10 To Turn Water Into Wine: chemical effect
11 The Maical Knot: knot dissolves in handkerchief
12 To Make a Piece of Money Sink Through a Table, etc.: coin wrapped in handkerchief penetrates table
12 To Pass a Quarter Into a Ball of Worsted: coin vanishes to be found in a ball of yarn
14 How to Eat Fire: using liquid borax - don't try this at home!
14 To Make the Constable Catch the Knave: The King finds the Jack cards
15 The Erratic Egg: blowing an egg into another egg cup
15 To Write Any Name Upon A Paper, And Then Burn It To Ashes, Yet Afterwards It May Be Be Read Plainly: the ashes on the arm effect
16 How To Shoot a Bird and Bring It to Life Again: shooting the bird with Mercury - not recommended!
16 Sentinel Egg: how to balance an egg
17 The Wonderful Wafers: another version of the paddle trick on page 4
18 The Four Accomplices: a card discovery
18 Perpetual Motion: chemical experiment
18 To Prevent Any One Sleeping at Night: making itching powder from asbestus - don't do it!
19 The Invisible Hen - A Very Useful Trick for Supplying Eggs for Breakfast or Dinner: an older style egg bag
22 The Animated Coin: using a hair
23 The Cut String Restored: string looped is cut and restored
24 Palmistry and Passes:
24 - First Pass: false pass of an object
26 - Second Pass: another method
28 - Reproducing the Item
29 The Magnetized Cane: dances between the legs while seated
29 The Great Ring Trick: very brief description of Linking Rings
29 The Faded Rose Restored: chemical coloring of a Rose
30 Ads: advertisements for books from the publisher