DeLawrence Geo: Some Card Effects and Magical Talks
1919 1st edition, F. G. Thayer, Los Angeles
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 45 pages

Delawrence: Some
              Card Effects and Magical Talks
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Comments: Three card effects are described in full with patter, and the second section is patter for common apparatus you may own. The workings of these effects are not detailed. The last item is a comedy mind reading act. Available as an e-Book from


5 A Few Remarks
6 Opening Patter: sample patter for starting the show

10 Some Card Effects and Accompanying Patter
10 Four Ace Combination: Aces vanish and reappear
12 - Patter
13 The Wrapped Cards Divided by a Knife: knife inserted in deck finds two selections
15 - Patter
16 Transposition: one card passes from packet in boy 1's hand to boy 2's.
17 - Patter

20 Miscellaneous Patter: assume you have the apparatus - detailed workings are not provided
20 Kling Klang: patter only for this handkerchief and egg transposition
20 Solid Through Solid: patter only for the handkerchief frame
22 Straight Jacket Escape: patter
23 The Rabbit Pan: combines a burnt and restored handkerchief and bill with a dove/rabbit pan - patter and general routine
25 The Spirit Hand: patter with suggested questions to ask
28 The Egg Bag: routine and patter with a spectator
32 The Twentieth Century Handkerchief Trick: one handkerchief vanishes to appear between two other;
33 Cards from the Pocket: patter for an effect where the magician can remove from his pocket any card called for
35 A Few Suggestions Along This Line: comedy lines for a lemon, and egg, and a ham sandwich
35 Torn and Restored Card: patter for this effect using a card wand to retrieve the card in an egg
37 Nest of Boxes: patter for ring in nest of boxes
39 Sliding Die Box: patter for the standard apparatus
41 Burlesque Mind Reading: comedy pseudo mind reading act