Ralph Dell: Magic With a Smile
Dell, Ralph: Magic With a Smile
© Supreme Magic, Devon, England
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 34 pages
Ralph Dell: Magic With a Smile
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3 Chapter 1 Cards
3 Three Three's are Nein: a find the lady routine in two phases and using a special stand
8 Automatically Ambitious: an ambitious card routine using a specially gimmiked card
10 It's the Tobacco that Counts: little known fact about cigarettes put to use to locate a card
10 Spell Bound: a three phase card spelling trick
13 Filed For Easy Reference: on the corner short

14 Chapter 2 Miscellaneous
14 H.T. One-Handed Changing Bag (Harry Treleaven): construction details
16 Please Take A Card: a special board for selecting and possibly forcing a card for a large audience
18 Handyman's Delight: a card trick turned into a wallpaper pattern divination

22 Chapter 3 Illustrated Jokes
22 Now, I Can See the Joke: illustrations turned into magical jokes
23 China Tea: a paper tear climax turns into an upside down picture joke
24 Friar Murphy: a square circle trick turned into a corny joke
26 Centipede Capers: a paper tear into a centipede joke
27 Rodentia Avenue: the drawer box used for mice and a rat
28 Simile Sorceries: puns turned into quick magical changes
28 Black And Tan: dog shoe joke turned magical
29 Serpent Rope: snake and rope quick joke
29 D.I.Y. Light Work: a do-it-yourself light kit