Delvin, Jack: Magic of the Masters
©1977 Ed, Hamlyn Publishing Group, London
Hardcover, w/dj, 240 pages
ISBN 0-600-36238-8

©1980 Coles Publishing, Canada
Softcover, perfect-bound
Jack Delvin: Magic of the Masters
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Comments: Perform the magic of the master conjurers in your own home. Presents instructions for a wide range of magic tricks using cards, coins, glasses, and other household items.

Contents (Chapters Only, page numbers from hardbound edition):

6 The Return of the Yellow Perils
12 Card Magic
72 Coin Magic
120 Handkerchief Magic
144 Magic with Balls
162 Magic with Thimbles
176 Paper Magic
192 Magic with Liquids

222 Appendices
235 Glossary
240 Acknowledgements