SAM Assembly 22: Close Up Capers
Derman, Lou (Editor): Close Up Capers
©1970 SAM Assembly 22, Los Angeles, CA
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 29 pages
Lou Derman (Editor): Close Up Capers
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Comments: Published by the Los Angeles Society of American Magicians Assembly No. 22. From Lou Derman's intro, "Special Thanks also to the Board of Directors and particularly to John Zweers, John Engman, John Kehoe, Snag Werris and Chuck Jones for editing and publication."

Contents: (from book ToC):
1 The BB Incredible Book Test (Raymond L Beebe)
4 The Mind Reader (Joe Berg)
6 Bergeron's Coins Thru The Table (Bev Bergeron)
7 You Must Be Joking (Bill Derman)
8 Gemini (Lou Derman)
10 Pecuniary Prognostication (Phillip D Graham)
13 My Version of the Al Baker Dye Tube Trick (Buddy Hughes)
14 Knot a Coin Trick - Don't You Believe It! (Charlie Kohrs)
15 My Name's Mine (Gerald Kosky)
16 Cups and Coins (Leon M Leon)
18 Minus Lucifers (Eric C Lewis)
22 Bill McCaffrey's Talking Cards (Bill McCaffrey)
25 Three Plus Two (Hal Robbins)
26 The Mongolian Clock (Slydini)
27 Digit Divination (Dai Vernon)
28 Far Flung (Dick Zimmerman)