DeSouza, Marc: Tricks I Have Turned
©1979 Marc DeSouza, Harrisburg, PA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 24 pages
Tricks I Have
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Comments: Marc's second book (Tri-Fecta was his first)


1 Introduction
2 Boxed In: Routine for Okito-Box, Boston-Box, and Plug Box
5 One Minute to Departure: card effect based on a Alex Elmsley effect and a variation by Sam Schwartz called AEIOU
7 Garbage: a sponge ball routine using two mini trash cans, and metal nuts and a ball bearing
8 Baker Street Blues or Sherlock Strikes Again: story trick with cards
10 All Washed Up: Effect combining some Dusheck props and more - uses Dusheck's King Kong Klip Klimax and Washer Change
15 Simply Dazzled: card trick using two sets of cards with different backs and the same faces
17 Quad-Ringle: finger ring off rope
20 Snowflake: reverse torn and restored cigarette paper
22 Bonus - Ring Addendum: three more linking ring moves to add to the effect in Tri-Fecta
24 Outroduction: thanks!
24 Plug: for Marc's books Tri-Fecta and his Let's Fake a Deal routine