DeSouza, Marc: Tri-Fecta
Three Prize Winning Routines for the Modern Manipulator
©1978 Marc DeSouza, Harrisburg, PA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 21 pages
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Comments: Hand-drawn illustrations.


1 Author's Introduction
3 Ballero: multiplying billiard balls, does not need any holders. Uses standard set with extra ball of contrasting color, an appearing cane, 24" silk, and a box or hat on the table
8 - Additional Notes
9 - Illustrations
11 Three Ring Rhapsody: A linking ring routine using the key and two singles
14 - Additional Notes
16 - Illustrations
18 Zombie Sonata: : Mark's presentation of the floating ball, with a vanish
21 Additional Notes
22 - Illustrations
24 Before We Part Company: a list of related books