Devant, David: Lessons in Conjuring
©1922 G. Routledge & Sons, Ltd
Hardcover, 152 pages
Lessons In
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Comments:Available as an e-Book from Conjuring Arts, and The Miracle Factory.


vii Introduction
1 Chapter I The Thirty Card Trick
8 Chapter II The Cards Up the Sleeve
20 Chapter III The Diminishing Cards
27 Chapter IV The Cricket Bat Trick: chosen cards are caught on a cricket bat
37 Chapter V The Multiplication of Money: with coins and a plate
46 Chapter VI The Coin and the Envelopes: coin appears in nested envelopes, with a kicker ending
62 Chapter VII The Dyed Handkerchiefs
72 Chapter VIII The Soup Plate and Handkerchiefs
79 Chapter IX The Watch, Glass, and Handkerchief
86 Chapter X The Lawyer's Cracker: based on the handkerchief vanishing wand
93 Chapter XI A Simple Thought-Reading Experiment
95 Chapter XII Wartime Cookery: dove pan trick
100 Chapter XIII The Egg Bag: using a heavy egg, routine for children's show
109 Chapter XIV The Ropes and Rings: stage version of Grandmother's Necklace
122 Chapter XV The Cups and Balls: using standard cups and four balls, with large load explanation
141 Chapter XVI Flowers from Nowhere
147 Chapter XVII My Drawer Box: an improved version