De Vega (A.M. Stewart)Miscellaneous Manipulations & Effects
©1927 (circa) A.M. Stewart
Softcover, folded, stapled manuscript, 21 pages
De Vega
              Miscellaneous Manipulations & Effects
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Contents (from Book):

1 Foreword
2 An Effective Coin Sleight: coin thrown into other hand vanishes
3 The Talma Coin Pass: another vanish
4 The Sleeve Production: for coin
4 The Return Coin Pass: coin vanish and reappearance
4 Chris Van Bern's Coin and Bag Mystery: magician removes 3 coins of 12 marked by spectator
6 The Animated Coin: a borrowed coin crawls up a stiff fabric
8 The Card and Case Mystery: cards thrown toward case vanish to appear in the case, with only the selection remaining in the hand
9 The Clean-Cut Ribbon (F.J. Smith): cut and restored ribbon between postcards
10 Cig-Oh! (Nelson Lyford): a lit cigarette changes ends when passed through a tube
11 Cigarette Sleights
11 - Cigarette Palming
12 - Reverse Palming
12 - Change Over Palm
13 - Vanish From Left Hand
13 - Ear & Mouth Sleight
13 - A Neat Production
14 - Floating Cigarette
15 Production of 9 Lighted Cigarettes
17 Thimble Vanish
17 The Return Pass
18 Another Return Pass
18 Thimble Colour Change
19 A Cute Vanish: for thimbles
19 The Leipzig Move: thimble vanish
20 The Production of Eight Thimbles
21 Tarot in the Loonbal: card in balloon with a shot