David Devine: The Book of Mystery and Magic
Devine, David: The Book of Mystery and Magic
©1930 W. Foulsham & Co.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 63 pages
David Devine: Book of Mystery and Magic
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David Devine: Book of Mystery and Magic
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Comments: Fun with Paper, Coins, Matches, Handkerchiefs, and Other Homely Articles

Contents (from book):

v Preface

9 A Chat with my Readers
10 The Red, White, and Blue Candles: magician can tell what color wrapper is around a candle while blindfolded
13 The Half-Crown that Goes: coin vanish
14 The Diana Trick: a slate trick with normal slates
16 Any Card You Like: magician removes from pocket any card called
18 Reading the Cards: using a shiner
19 Balancing a Billiard Ball on a Fan of Cards
20 A Good Trick with Dice: two math tricks using dice
22 Thought Reading: two person code
23 Where did the Cigarette Come From?: light a match and produce a cigarette
24 Cutting the Handkerchief: cut and restored
24 The Handkerchief Illusion: handkerchief appears in a glass vial
25 Where do the Cards Come From?: pack of card production
26 The Useful Bowler: magician names cards as they are pulled out of a hat
27 The Magic Blocks of Woods: magician determines which block in which pocket
28 The Balancing Cigarette: balances on edge of table
29 Telling the Cards: magician names top few cards from deck in a box
30 All-a-Growing: flowers from a cylinder
30 Palming a Coin: with false transfer, etc.
32 The Marked Shilling: magician find's lady's coin among three
33 The Sixpence in the Ball of Wool:
34 The Magic Whistle: whistle on end of wand blows answers
35 Hands That Cannot Be Wetted: chemical trick
37 The Adhesive Pencil: sticks to palm
38 Port and Streamers: wine is poured from a bottle, then ribbons are produced
40 The Striking Match: safety match lights on shoe
41 The Torn Paper: torn and restored
42 The Magic Ladder: paper tear
44 The Palm Tree: paper tear
45 Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush: paper tear
46 The Paper Rings: Afghan bands
47 Noughts and Crosses: magician can pull X's or O's as needed from hat
49 Filling the Hat: clothes brush gadget for loading
50 My Thumb: removed and restored thumb
51 Balancing a Wine Glass on a Playing Card
52 The Mysterious Matchbox: matchbox rises on back of hand
53 The Disappearing Penny: in glass of water
53 The Non-stop Ball that Stops: ball stops on a string
55 The Mystery Egg: blowing eggs to make them balance
55 The Three-Penny Bit: penny on forehead gag
56 The Magic Ring: finger ring climbs up a wand
56 The Ball and the Jar: physical stunt
57 What is on It?: gag
57 Divining Numbers: mathematical trick
58 My Best Card Trick: selected card from 10 vanishes and appears in envelope
61 A Trick with an Egg: putting an egg in a bottle
61 They Change Places: wine and water change places in inverted glasses
62 Ads: for Foulsham's books