Dewey, Ralph: Dewey's Basic Balloon Sculpting Course
©1978 Ralph Dewey
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x8.5"
Basic Ballon Sculpting Course
Image courtesy e-Bay seller DiddyWench

Comments: This book is ideal for the beginner and those with an intermediate knowledge of balloon modelling, starting off with a guide to the basic twists, and continuing to include various animals. There is also a newer, expanded version available.

Contents (From product description for expanded version, may not be totally accurate - numbers are not page numbers):

1 Tips
2 Basic Twists: Bubble Twist, Twist Connect, Apple Twist
3 Birds Beak
4 Basic Dog
5 Giraffe
6 Dachshund
7 Mouse
8 Squirrel
9 Rabbit
10 Horse
11 Camel
12 Swan
13 Fish
14 Turtle
15 Tulip
-----expanded edition additions (I think)
16 Heart
17 Butterfly
18 Parrot in a Hoop
19 Simple Hats
20 Shooter Rocket
21 Sword