Will Dexter: Everybody's Book of Magic
Dexter, Will: Everybody's Book of Magic
©1956 ARCO Publishers Ltd, London & NY
Hardcover, w/dj, 6.5x9", 190 pages

Will Dexter: Everybody's Book of Magic
Image courtesy Bryan-Keith Taylor



7 Introduction (Will Dexter)
9 Overture And Beginners, Please!
11 And It Wasn’t Up His Sleeve At All!
15 This Is An Amateur’S World!
18 So You Want To Be A Magician?
35 A Mindreader, Eh?
47 The Allied Arts Of Magic
56 A Full Hand Of Clubs
60 Meet The Magic Circle
72 The International Brotherhood Of Magicians
80 These Are Names To Conjure With
91 Top Of The Bill
107 They Make The Magic
116 The Books Of Magic
123 The Ephemera Of Mystery
134 The Treasure From Tibet
140 Devano’s Propeller
143 Geoffrey Robinson’s Match Trick
145 Stanley Thomas’s Secret Of Lao Tang
148 David Nixon’s Bewitched Bottle
153 Lewis Ganson Boxes The Compass
156 Tommy Cooper Says “Have A Cigarette"
158 Robert Harbin On The Afghan Bands
161 Sid Emons' Cut And Restored Ribbon
165 Arthur Carter Projects Thoughts Through Space
167 Glossary Of Conjuring Terms
174 List Of American Magic Dealers