Dexter, Will: The Uncanny Power
©1979 Micky Hades International, Alberta, Canada
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 68 pages
ISBN 091923075X
Uncanny Power
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7 Part One: The Uncanny Power Exhibited
7 A Tetrological Spell
11 The Bottle Pendulum
15 Pendulum Swing
19 Fire Power
22 Hot Head
23 Financial Crash
25 Key To the Fourth Dimension
28 The Vargas Wheel
33 Some Experiments With Time

47 Part Two The Astral Voices Séance
47 Introduction To Part Two
49 Astral Voices séance
52 The Running Script
57 Sound and Effects Plot
58 Séance Notes
65 The Characters
67 Recording Techniques