Diamond, Paul: Curtain Call: The Final Lecture of Paul Diamond
1985, published by Paul Diamond
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 20 pages
Paul Diamond Curtain
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Majuju

Comments (Stewart Tame): Lecture notes. I've taken the liberty of stating that this is copyright 1985 since that's when the lecture was originally presented. However, no copyright symbol appears anywhere on any of the pages. But who's going to be low enough to rip off Paul Diamond?

Contents: (updated Feb 2016)

i Foreword (Jim McCrea)
1 A Sense of Timing: Magician able to accurately tell time of day by looking at a watch that obviously has no works in it.
1 A Coin Vanish
3 A Simple Coin Switch
4 Gypsy Switch: Nice utility move for switching any small objects with each other.
5 The Penny-Dollar Transposition: Uses Gypsy Switch.
6 Manipulator's Deck: Spectator's card appear at a chosen number of cards down from the top of the deck.
7 Natural False Shuffle
8 Diamond Aces: Uses the Buckle Count, card selected and returned to deck, cut, shuffled, magician removes small group of cards claiming one is selection, counted and shown one at a time, three of them are selected card, one is Ace, change to all four Aces, shuffled into deck, Aces found together near center with face down card in their midst, chosen card.
10 The Mental Bluff: Spectator removes three cards from deck, mentally selects one, holds cards in front between clasped palms, magician removes two cards, remaining card is selection.
11 The One-Hand Flip: Card selected, lost in the deck, magician takes deck behind back with one hand, brings it out a minute later with selected card reversed in center of deck.
12 The New Year's Eve Trick: Two spectators each select card, shuffled into deck, deck split in two, cards dealt two at a time, one from each half, spectators given party noisemakers and told to sound when they see their card, noisemakers sound together as both selections dealt at same time.
13 Perfect Paired Predictions: Magician slides three cards across table as predictions, three spectators each choose card from ribbon spread deck, magician shows that predictions match both color and number of selections, no forces.
14 Drop Jog: control card to top of deck
14 My Wife's Favorite Trick: top card turns out to not be selection, but then selection pops out
15 Simplified Phone Trick: Magician reveals spectator's card over the phone.
16 The Phone Trick Redialed: Friend of spectator called and told to think of card, magician writes prediction and places it somewhere prominent to preclude switching, friend called back and asked to reveal card, prediction is correct.
16 Cigarette Through Flash Paper: Cigarette burns through flash paper without igniting it, Paul uses it as a method of dealing with hecklers, when paper removed it goes up in flames.
17 A Toothpick Teaser: Magician holds a pair of crossed toothpicks in one hand, toothpicks wiggle with no visible movements from magician, spirit effect, answer questions, lie detector, etc.
18 Piff Paff Poof Spoof: Magician attempts to magically unlink two safety pins, turns away to work undercover, turns back to show pins horribly bent, spectator attempts to open pins and finds them inextricably linked.
19 The Flying Eagles: Three silver coins and three copper coins exchange places one at a time, no Han Ping Chien used.